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The Democrat Convention 2020 is behind us all, and next up, starting August 24th, is the Republican’s four-night pitch to America voters. Right Wire Report thought we all needed a nice sorbet of sorts to cleanse our political palates and prepare for the week ahead. Our sharp, yet not sweet, chilly crisp concoction comes in the form of a list of Thirty Lies spewed out over the nightly DNC extravaganza.

We would like to point out that while attempting to fact check the speakers at the convention, we consistently and uniformly ran across fact-checkers who utilized phrases like ‘mostly true”, “true but context needed ” or our personal favorite ” not entirely false.” Over at Real Clear Politics, an article entitled: “Dem 2020 the Good, The bad and the Gimmicky“, used the word “uncareful” to describe the falsehoods Democrats stated. There were multiple speakers who repeated the dogmatic falsehoods in one variation or the other. Any concept that there was an honest attempt to hold the Democrat party accountable for the veracity of their words or call out the propaganda as deceptive lies- is demonstrably revealed and on display. 

So without further delay, in no particular order, we serve your refreshing Intermezzo between courses:

1. Kids in cages – Michelle Obama and other speakers claimed, “They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages.” Democrats have persistently distorted this issue, and in fact, it was the Obama Administration who commissioned the partitions used them, herehere and here. Biden even admits to Jorge Ramos in an interview that during Obama’s tenure, they separated kids and placed them within partitions to make them safe.

It should be noted that The Associated Press reported two years ago that in April 2014, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services relaxed its safety standards to promptly move migrant children out of government shelters and into sponsors’ homes when waves of illegal aliens surged across the southern border. However, according to the AP’s reporting, the lowered standards resulted in children landing in unsafe homes where they were “sexually assaulted, starved, or forced to work for little or no pay.” Trump’s HHS identified many minors traveling with adults who were not relatives, so DNA testing was implemented for security. Many minor females are sexually assaulted or trafficked while in the care of Cartel (adults).

2. Biden, Harris, Kerry, Obama, and others made the charge that President Trump had “turned his back on our Alliances that previous presidents had honored.” Despite Trump only days earlier securing a historic Middle East Peace agreement between Israel and The United Arab Emirates, two countries were previously shunned by the Obama Administration. Here is a brief list of some other accomplishments that debunk such a claim: Bilateral talks began again between North Korea and South Korea, and Trump inked trade deal with South Korea. NATO countries did increase contributions per Trump’s demand, and NATO increased defense spending. Trump formed a coalition to eradicate ISIS Caliphate, and for the first time, Saudi Arabia recognized Israel’s right to be a nation-state – see here.

U.S. – Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, Asylum agreement with Mexico, the coalition with South Central American countries to address the Venezuelan regime. Strengthen Alliance with India and Japan to address Afghanistan, North Korea, China, and Russia’s aggression. The Administration has also had tremendous success with getting American citizens released as hostages by effectively working with allies and building bridges not previously available. Trump has also been elevated on the world stage at every G7 or G20 Summit, including his historic gathering of Arab nations on his trip to Saudi Arabia. World leaders have granted lavish receptions and State Dinners across the globe (Japan, France, China, India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, UK, and others).

3. The Democratic National Convention multiple speakers claimed: “peaceful protesters were tear-gassed across from the White House.” Tear gas was not used to clear the protesters – and many were violent, not peaceful. In fact, every mention about protesters was couched in “this is what a Democracy looks like” and not one word about the acute violence in our cities.

4. Multiple speakers claimed race relations and systemic racism worse under Trump, pointing to riots and polling. During Obama’s tenure, we had several race riots, including Ferguson, Baltimore, and California, which included burning down inner-city buildings, looting, and violence. When Obama left office after eight years, Gallup polling revealed race relations had not improved. Here is one poll prior to Floyd riots indicating improved race relations dated 2019. Here is one in Jan. 2020. Biden told the country he would “do the hard work of rooting out our systemic racism.” However, Biden has been in political office 36 years and eight years as Vice President, so is he admitting that what he claims is institutional racism has not just suddenly arose during Trump’s 4 years in office or Trump’s fault? We suggest he is given testimony to the failed Democrat policies for decades.

5. Biden, Harris, Kerry, HRC, and Obama, as well as multiple speakers, claimed Trump lets “tyrants manipulate him like a puppet.” and the days of “cozying up to dictators is over.” Trump has not paid dictators 150 million in cash flown in on pallets or released five hostages on demand for a prisoner swap. He ordered airstrikes in Syria against the Assad regime after accusations of chemical warfare. He ordered strikes killing high-value terrorist targets, General Solemani and the creator and leader of ISIS, Al Bagdadi. North Korea has not launched a long-range missile threatening allied territory or US Territory since Trump’s Summit with Kim Jong -Un. Russia has not invaded another country while Trump has been at the helm. There is a long list, but it is absurd to claim Trump coddles terrorists.

6. Biden repeated President Trump called Neo-Nazis “Fine People on both sides” hoax. Even the BBC fact check that as false! The president referred to ” Fine people on both sides” were the sides of the issue, pro statue stays up, and statute comes down. The media has always known this is the fact, and the President even outright stated he was not talking about neo-Nazis.

7. A central theme of the convention was how Trump failed to keep Americans safe from the pandemic. Multiple speakers claimed Obama-Biden handled the Swine Flu breakout correctly compared to Trump and Coronavirus. Here is Obama’s Chief of staff’s view on the competency and effectiveness of that administration’s response.

 8. Multiple speakers claimed that the Obama administration stopped the Ebola virus before it became a pandemic, here, here, and here.

9. Multiple speakers claimed President Trump did not act aggressively or effectively to save lives from the Chinese coronavirus and accused him of murdering Americans by his incompetency, herehere, herehere, and here. Biden, Harris, and Obama made the claim Joe would be competent to handle the virus day one. Here is why that is not true. Biden also claimed he would do things that Trump has not done, which in reality Trump has already done. The worst outcomes in the U.S. have been in Democrat-run states. 

10. All key speakers charged Trump as not taking the virus seriously, downplaying it, and claimed President Trump called the pandemic a hoax. He did not – he called the media and Democrat hyping and gaslighting his response a hoax – see here.

11. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) said, “there is absolutely zero difference between voting by mail and voting absentee” This is demonstrably not true.

12. Multiple speakers claimed, “Social Security beneficiaries count on the post office to get their checks.” Currently, the Social Security Administration pays approximately 98.8 percent of benefits electronically. Just 1.2 percent of benefits are paid by mailed checks.

11. Multiple speakers claimed Authoritarianism had taken root in our county, distorting response to violent threats on federal staff and buildings and US Post office issues – not true, see here.

12. Hilda Solis claimed Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in the White House, “They extended overtime pay to more than 4 million workers.” They tried to do that, but the Obama-era rule never went into effect. And Bernie Sanders claimed 49 million would get a raise if the federal minimum wage was raised to $15. But the CBO report predicted approximately 17 million, not 40 million.

13. Multiple speakers, including Obama, claimed the Virus is getting worse in the USA. This is not accurate – see here.

14. Multiple speakers fear mongered and claimed the United States hit worse by pandemic than any other country, and this is not accurate, here and here. Our World in Data shows America with the 10th-highest death rate, better than San Marino, Belgium, Peru, Andorra, Spain, the U.K., Italy, Sweden, and Chile. In a similar data set from Johns Hopkins, the U.S. does better than an additional country, Brazil. One must remove China, Russia, and others for credible data as well. It is worth remembering that there are differences in how countries count coronavirus deaths, making exact comparisons difficult (BBC).

15. Biden asserted, “More than 50 million people have filed for unemployment this year.” This statement is delivered without context. These numbers are directly attributed to the pandemic lockdowns and not any economic policies of the Trump administration. Prior to Feb 2020, the US was close to full employment with the highest labor participation rate and increased medium incomes. The number of people currently claiming unemployment benefits is 14.8 million down from 20 million and has continued to decline since May 2020 (BBC).

16. Biden claimed, “Nearly one in six businesses have closed this year.” A recent survey of small business owners in the US suggested that only 1% of small businesses had closed permanently by mid-July this year. A further 12% said they had closed temporarily, but even accounting for these, it is less than the one in six Biden claimed.

17. Several speakers pushed the narrative that Trump’s economy was inherited from Obama/Biden, and he was just riding the coattails. Metrics can be tedious; however, tell the story clearly, Here, here, here and here are the facts. Here is a video breakdown.

18. There were so many egregious lies told over four nights, but perhaps the worse was when during a segment on deportation, the distorted, edited clip of Trump was aired to appear as if he called illegal migrants “Animals!” “These aren’t people … I don’t want them in our country … They’re animals,” Trump is seen saying in the chopped up clips. Trump was speaking on the sadistic MS-13 South American gang members who carved into pieces two Long Island Teen girls, not immigrants or illegal migrants. This was the DNC using deceitful propaganda tactics to mislead the American voter and smear the president here. The Obama administration deported an estimated 3 million illegal aliens. 

19. Again, the DNC segment on the woman deported for no reason by Trump was deceitful propaganda provided without context. Alejandra Juarez was deported under Clinton, and her subsequent illegal crossing was a felony, This charge was flagged under the Obama administration for deportation after a traffic stop and ICE followed through on the deportation order in 2018.

20. Cuomo saves New York from COVID! NY Governor Cuomo takes credit for handling the pandemic’Beautifully” and called the pandemic a metaphor for the country. Here are the facts.

21. Michigan Governor credits the Obama Administration for ventilator production. Here are the facts.

22. Former President Bill Clinton told yarns about Trump’s economic recovery and the pandemic response, read here and here.

23. Biden and multiple speakers alleged that Trump, despite the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus, is “still trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act” and “take … health care away” from Americans at risk. They also claim he will end pre-existing coverage for Americans, which is false. Uninsured COVID patients get treatment and testing.

24. NY Governor Cuomo labels the pandemic a European Virus – false.

25. President Obama and other speakers blast Trump as running a reality show presidency, being lazy and not doing the work. Trump works 14 hour days, has competed for more international trips, and has met with more world leaders at the White House than any previous 4 yr term president. Trump has donated his salary in each of his quarters as president and has pledged to sign off on any pension.

26. Obama and multiple speakers claim Trump is corrupting our institutions. The height of arrogance and deceit on display, it is Obama’s administration that is under investigation (4 prosecutors) for using the intelligence agencies and Justice department to set up and spy on candidate Trump and then transition team/sitting president. It was Obama’s IRS that paid settlement under Justice department determination. The IRS discriminated against Tea Party related 501 c applications. Obama, who did not disclose to Congress Iranian pallets of cash payments.

Obama used the labor relations board to harass Boeing and used his justice department to intimidate News reporters. Obama and Hillary lied to Americans and the world about a videotape being the cause of Benghazi. There was Solyndra, Hatch act HHS, and; shovel ready jobs too! And who can forget the lie of the year, “you can keep your healthcare.” Here is Obama’s record with Supreme Court and constitutionality issues. Here is the FISA court ruling against Obama for illegality. And who can forget that Obama’s CIA  spied on the Senate? The list is long, but that will suffice.

27. Election integrity- Never happen under Biden’s watch! Really how do you make that claim without busting out laughing? Obama/Biden/HRC/and all cohorts leveled the charge of Russia and Trump Campaign trying to steal the election in 2016 and further produced, now under investigation, Intel reports to back up that claim. Remember the “17 intelligence agencies” now-debunked lie? If Biden and the rest were to be believed, this all happened under their standing in the watchtower, so to speak. It would have happened under their FBI, CIA, DNI, NSA, and so forth.

28. Trump is trying to steal the 2020 election using the USPS. This is not the truth. Learn more here, herehere, and here.

29. John Kerry lies about the Iran deal.”We eliminated the threat of an Iran with a nuclear weapon,” Kerry declared. In fact, President Obama himself admitted in 2015 that under the deal, Iran could still obtain a nuclear weapon as early as 2028. Read here.

30. Harris claimed Ebola was a “pandemic” before noting that it only killed two people in America. The World Health Organization did not label Ebola as a “pandemic.”

Right Wire Report throws in a bonus – All speakers and Biden claim Americans should choose Joe for his DECENCY and competency. Biden has been in politics for decades and has no record of accomplishments to show for it. He has had two failed presidential runs and has a history of racially insensitive statements and being caught lying. As Vice President, he was tasked with overseeing the Recovery Stimulus funds, and we found out shovel ready jobs were not so shovel ready, and most money landed in Democrat donor hands. He was Obama’s point man on China and Ukraine, how did that work out?

There is the messy background of enriching his family members and, of course, ten women who have accused him of sexually inappropriate behavior. Call us crazy, but maybe the DNC shined the halo way too bright. We will just leave this here as a reminder of what Democrat decency looks like.

Again, fact-checking is a torturous exercise with such a dishonest media. If you missed Sharyl Attkisson’s definitive list of media “mistakes,” read here. Right Wire Report looks forward to completing the same exercise after the RNC convention, so check back for that list and feel free to add on to our list of 30 above.

Now that we have cleansed our political palates – bring on the next course!

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