Alec Baldwin During Presidential Debate: ‘Trump Needs a Beating’


“Trump needs a beating,” Baldwin wrote in a screed. It is not clear whether he was speaking literally or figuratively.

The Mission Impossible star went on to slam the debate’s moderator, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, describing him as “too much of a wimp for this job” and “awful.”

The 62-year-old Baldwin then went on to demand a journalist from the pro-Biden CNN network such as Jake Tapper or Jim Acosta or anyone who can “tell Trump to shut the fuck up.”

Baldwin, who tweets under the name of the “Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation,” followed up with the predictable claims that Trump is a “psychopathic, racist, ignorant fascist.”

Baldwin, who will soon reprise his role as Trump on SNL, recently urged people to register to vote so they can this “fascist whore out of our lives.”

“Let’s not spend the final weekend of Summer talking about this Faux-Bama tape,” he wrote. “Who fucking cares? Register to vote. And let’s get this fascist whore out of our lives.”

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