Alec Baldwin: ‘Let’s Get This Fascist Wh*re Out of Our Lives’


“Let’s not spend the final weekend of Summer talking about this Faux-Bama tape,” the Boss Baby 2 star said of the recording that was meant to be used by Mitt Romney’s president campaign in 2012.

“Who fucking cares?” Baldwin asked in a 8:56 a.m. tweet. “Register to vote. And let’s get this fascist whore out of our lives.”

The latest media-induce phony scandal, not shockingly, comes from a new book by President Trump’s former attorney turned convicted felon Michael Cohen.

Trump’s disdain for Obama was so extreme that he took his fixation a step further, according to Cohen: Trump hired a “Faux-Bama” to participate in a video in which Trump “ritualistically belittled the first black president and then fired him.”

Cohen’s book, “Disloyal: A Memoir,” doesn’t name the man who was allegedly hired to play Obama or provide a specific date for the incident, but it does include a photograph of Trump sitting behind a desk, facing a Black man wearing a suit with an American flag pin affixed to the lapel. On Trump’s desk are two books, one displaying Obama’s name in large letters.

Again, Breitbart News Washington editor Matt Boyle had the story first in 2013. Boyle even notes that this non bombshell, the footage of a fake Obama and Trump, “leaked to NBC News’ Today Show in September.”

It’s silly season, sure. And with less than 60 days before the presidential election, our hyper-partisan political press is making mountains out of molehills. But for Alec Baldwin, a Trump trashing social media screed is always right around the corner.

It was just a couple weeks ago that the Mission Impossible star was attacking Trump supporters who spoke at the Republican Nation Convention.

“Every ‘regular American’ on this convention program is high. We’re gonna raise taxes to pay for the staggering fuck up of the pandemic by Trump.” Baldwin raged.

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