Portland Antifa Camp

A common statement of leftists is that if they did not have double standards they would have no standards at all. The latest such example comes from an intrepid YouTuber who did some exploration in the failed city of Portland. The obvious question that no one in the media seems to care about is how so many unemployed and talentless young people are able to engage in their endless tantrums without suffering for lack of basic necessities. How are they living – eating, sleeping, and functioning – despite no apparent ability nor desire to procure such remedies to meet their baser needs?

The answer comes to us, not surprisingly, in the form of government handouts. Yes, the government that they claim to hate for its systemic oppression is the very same government that enables their ongoing and unimpeded tantrums by way of handouts. Has no one noticed that, rather than oppress, the government is propping them up? To date, these dangerous fools would appear not to have. Things really get murky when they let black people protest. Egads! The white systemic oppression!

On its face, this government support belies the most foundational tenet of the movement, namely that the Trump government is evil incarnate. Hell, those aligned with him deserve to be shot! In reality, would real Facististic or totalitarian leaders permit the constant abuse of assembly when they exist solely to hurl vulgar aspersions in the best of moments and Molotov cocktails in the worst? One need not imagine the swift response to a cadre of Jews gathering in a 1930s Berlin square with signage and unity of message against Kristallnacht; nor is it a cerebral stretch to wonder how Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, or Chavez would have reacted to its citizenry’s cry for an open marketplace and freedom of ideas. And here we are, with Trump being decried as the bad guy despite permitting American cities to host assemblies that result in the destruction of countless businesses and lives.

Their perception of and commentary toward the government is the most obvious example of the hypocrisy of their raison d’etre. These are the same people that want more, not less, government control. They explicitly state they want to move to a totalitarian state, and yet when Trump’s government lawfully steps in, they say it is government overreach.

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In watching the video, an immediate double standard that presents itself is the complete separation the community of tents has from the rest of the area. How is it separated? With a physical barrier. Walls, it seems, are only connected to white supremacy when a Republican proposes them. What more needs to be said? Walls work. CHAZ built barricades, Lori Lightfoot cordoned off her street, and these idiots are going so far as to protect their private property (listen closely at the 3:15 mark). For the record, it’s public property, and, it should be remembered, this is the same group that wants private property abolished.

There is next, the display of intolerance usually reserved for accusations against Trump. When the brave videographer encounters his first camp-city denizen, the young man welcomes him to the public lands, not with open arms and opportunity to dialogue, or even indifference; rather, he is treated to a barrage of hostile words and soon after a few futile attacks from his slingshot. An auxiliary takeaway is that guns might be bad for regular Americans, but all forms of projectiles are accepted when in the hands of the “right” people.

The tents themselves, which house the despicable miscreants and criminals, are too uniform in appearance and spacing to have been purchased individually at REI and pitched by individual campers. Instead, it is obvious that they were gifted by some government agency (that darn government again!) in its brain-scratching effort to appeal to human rights issues. It is fair to ask whose human rights are more important. Are those of the destructive and worthless rioters more important or are those of the community who peacefully abide by cultural and legal dictates that just want to raise a family and go to work?

It is worth repeating: Would Hitler or Stalin have allowed these riots to even last five seconds before sending in the brute squad, let alone provide for food and shelter, therefore allowing them to continue unencumbered and indefinitely? Conservatives permit it, but also recognize the fragility of the entire enterprise. In early May, they were received with condemnation and vitriol from the leftist media and Democrats. Antifa and Black Lives Matter might burn and loot forever, but would President Kamala Harris allow for conservatives to protest any contents of her leftist agenda? How would even a second lockdown protest be received?

One need only observe how well the worst of the worst in American society are treated to realize how good the United States actually is – or at least can be (see above comment on conservative gatherings). Despite offering nothing in return to the greater part of society, we have liberated a group of clueless morons to assemble, protest, and riot in the name of government oppression. We allow for people to be stupid and unironic in their quest to actually turn society into something far more oppressive, limiting, and controlling than the very state they currently find themselves.

Walls, intolerance, as well as both verbal and physical aggression, are all traits of Antifa and their Democrat allies. This video exposes that once more but it should not even have to be declared at this point. Each of those elements they claim to fight against and for which they ascribe endless epithets toward Trump but are, in reality, only things they hate when they can’t control the situation or get their way. Make no mistake, Portland is just one example of the hypocrisy that continues to play out. It would all be laughable to watch these losers in man buns parade around as freeloaders of the system if the stakes weren’t so serious and deadly.

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