Right up front, the Associated Press agenda is in the title. Although a suspect was shot and killed by the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, a circumstance that plays out in this country rather routinely, the headline reads, “Federal task force kills Portland shooting suspect at arrest” instead of, Law enforcement killed the suspect. Although AP chooses to do so in the fifth paragraph:

“The U.S. Marshals Service fugitive task forces, comprised of deputy marshals, other federal agents and local law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies, are responsible for apprehending violent felons and other wanted suspects.”

The Democrats and their media allies have pushed the narrative hard that President Trump is creating the violence in their cities. Despite the fact he responded to the existing criminal violence happening by sending law enforcement from federal agencies to protect federal property and employees, something the local and state Democrat governments refused to do and denied Federal National Guard assistance. The Federal Task Force did not just come into being under the Trump administration.

The first paragraph is the pitch:

 “A man suspected of fatally shooting a supporter of a right-wing group in Portland, Oregon, last week after a caravan of Donald Trump backers rode through downtown was killed Thursday as investigators moved in to arrest him, the U.S. Marshals Service said Friday.” 

The AP, and most media, routinely refer to left-wing groups as “Leftist Activists” or “Social Justice Advocates”, hardly ever as left-wing groups. This is by design to associate the person to a now-debunked Anti Defamation League’s statistic claiming nearly three – fourths of extremist killings in the United States over the past decade have been committed by “right-wing extremists including white nationalists. This statistic has become the cited authoritative source by the Democrats and their media allies despite the flawed analysis. They never call any person on the right a “right activist” or a “Pro American Free Speech Advocate”.

The ADL manipulates numbers by defining an “extremist event” to include gang bangers shooting up one another or bad drug deals or domestic disputes gone south as an ideological hate crime. They include as well as other events that do not meet any reasonable criteria. You can learn more about the manipulated study here and here.

Furthermore, the shooting which claimed Danielson’s life happened at least an hour after the “caravan” and occurred near a parking garage near Southwest Third and Adler streets downtown. Danielson was a Portland resident and a member of the group Patriots Prayer. He and his friend were set up away from the caravan to assist in the event any member was injured or attacked by opposing groups. Video and witness statements show that someone yelled out, “I’ve got one”, “we’ve got one right here”, just before shots were fired. Danielson was wearing a Patriots Prayer hat at the time of his execution. Warning Graphic:

Here is the eye witness testimony of Chandler Pappas:

Now AP frames the now-deceased alleged shooter for the reader:

“Reinoehl had described himself in a social media post as “100% ANTIFA.” A regular presence at anti-racism demonstrations in Portland, he suggested the tactics of counter-protesters amounted to “warfare,” and had been shot at one protest and cited for having a gun at another.” 

Catch that – Antifa is a regular presence at anti-racism demonstrations. Antifa is the good guys standing up against racism, and counter-protesters are racists and must be stopped. Then the article proceeds to admit to Reinhoel’s criminal history but only in the frame, he helps “colored boys” and such, he is superman when you need him, line of crap. Reinhole gave a bizarre interview to VICE news within the last 24 hrs presumably while law enforcement was attempting to locate him for being the prime suspect in the murder.

But AP really ties the crap with a red bow when they describe what has been close to 100 days of riots in Portland as “unruly demonstrations” No seriously – they are labeling this as unruly demonstrations – see below:

[embedded content]
[embedded content]

Feel free to explore more videos of the “unruly” demonstrations here.

This is quite a gem:

“Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and other Democratic leaders on Thursday called for an end to violence, even as federal agents were continuing to arrest protesters who allegedly assaulted law enforcement officers.”

As of August 6th, according to the testimony to Congress by acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf: “The agency said 277 federal officers, tasked with protecting the federal courthouse in downtown Portland, have been injured. Officers were attacked with bricks, baseball bats, explosives, and other violent weapons, Wolf said, and several may have had permanent eye damage.”

[embedded content]

Violent criminals have set fire to Federal buildings with law enforcement inside, blinded several with lasers, busted heads open with projectiles including bricks, and worse yet, AP feels the need to say allegedly. Here is just a sampling of injuries to police, here, here, here, and here.

Now AP repeats the lie told by the failing Democrat governance:

“The violence must stop,” Brown wrote. “There is no place for white supremacy or vigilantism in Oregon. All who perpetrate violent crimes must be held equally accountable.”

AP – The statement does not single out the small minority of left-wing protesters who have been setting fires, vandalizing buildings, and throwing objects at police. But Brown’s spokesman, Charles Boyle, said it “is a collective call to action for an end to violence in Portland and affirms that those who commit violent acts must be held accountable.”

Could the AP please show video footage of White Supremacists setting fires, attacking law enforcement, and such? Of course, not that footage does not exist. The most recent shooting by Kyle Rittenhouse did not depict a vigilante roaming the streets indiscriminately killing people, and those he shot had weapons and physically engaged. Prior to that recent event, there has been no credible reporting of what the Governor gets away with describing as fact. These riots are going on 100 days and have documented large numbers, not small, of violence perpetrated by Antifa, BLM, and other criminals (see above videos posted). And no, perpetrators of violence are not being held equally accountable what a crock! 

The Associated Press story is regurgitated almost verbatim across all “news” platforms today. And just so there is no confusion – the story is: Trump’s boogeymen opened fire, killing a complex and often misunderstood Social Justice Warrior who was just protecting the world from President Trump and his white supremacist followers. You know, the same followers who have been waging war in our city streets the last 100 days.

Give me a barf bag, please!

image RWR original article syndication source.