The Barstool Fund, created by Portnoy to aid small businesses in need, has raised over $16 million as of December 31.

Earlier in December, Portnoy launched the fund with a $500,000 contribution of his own money. Since then, the relief fund has seen tremendous growth.

“Once you are in our program, we will pay whatever you need, the necessities you need, the money you need to get through this thing and give you a fair chance to run your business,” Portnoy said. “These people aren’t going out of business because they’re not successful or not making money, it’s because they have no other choice. They’ve been dealt a hand that nobody could play.”

Since the creation of the fund, Portnoy has given regular updates on the businesses that the fund is assisting.

In the case of “Mama Mia,” the Barstool Fund was able to save a family-run restaurant at a very special time.

Portnoy launched the fund in early December shortly after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo temporarily banned indoor dining at NYC restaurants, a move which Portnoy blasted as “Insanity.”

Businesses seeking relief can send submissions to