“I have been saying for years and as you said, warned back in February that what they were trying to do is to police speech,” Blackburn said. “So now that Big Tech realizes we have successfully carried out these hearings and are going to pass something on privacy, data security … Elon musk has purchased Twitter, Truth Social is out there, well, these guys can’t stand it.”

As a result, the Biden administration has opted to insert itself into the conversation, she said, via the Disinformation Governance Board.

“Think about this: The DGB sounds a lot like the KGB from the Soviet era, doesn’t it?” she asked, adding that members of the Biden administration are “inserting themselves, so they will make a determination of what is considered allowable and not allowable in the physical and virtual town squares.”

Blackburn noted that she has already written to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), “trying to find out under what authority they set this board up.”

“Secondly we’re trying to find out how they are funding this board. And third, what is the extent of responsibility and authority that has been given to the board?”

The Tennessee senator went on to describe radical leftist Nina Jankowicz, who has been selected to head up the board, as “a very interesting person with an interesting approach as to how she is communicating her disgust with some of the Trump administration policies.”

She noted the irony of the head of the board being wrong about so many political topics — particularly Trump-Russia collusion.

“If you listen to Nina Jankowicz … you would have thought Christopher Steele was a great guy. You would have decided that there was nothing on the Hunter Biden laptop. … You would also think that Hillary Clinton” won the presidential election, she added.


Breitbart . Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) – May 7, 2022