President Biden’s teleprompter-reading skills are declining as rapidly as his failed presidency.

On Thursday, the President-in-Name-Only (PINO) had another cringeworthy senior moment while reading his handlers’ notes off the screen. Watch (you’ve been warned):

“I know they wanted to be here, but those others are in Washington and can’t be here, Dick Durbin and Tammy, who I’ve both spoken to, they’re in Washington and hopefully — hopefully will be voting soon,” Biden said.

“Also, we’ve got state leadership here. Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton and the Ohio Pennsylvania — the Ohio Pennsylvania — I’m from Pennsylvania — the Illinois president of the — Don Harmon,” he rambled. “State Senator Laura Murphy, State Rep Martin Moylan, and we’ve got great labor leaders here too.”

“Tim — where’s Tim? There you go, Tim. Thank you. Thank you, pal. AFL-CIO state president,” he spluttered. “And Jeff Isaacson, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. And Don Finn, IBEW. And Robert Reiter — Reiter — R-E-I-T-E-R, Reiter, Chicago Federation of Labor.”

“And, folks, that’s how we beat Covid-19 by working together,” he added in a complete non sequitur. “We have an expression in that little town of Claymont I was from. You all brought me to the dance. Labor. You’re the reason I’m standing here. Not a joke. Not a joke. I got elected when I was 29 years old to the United States Senate, 17 days before I was eligible to be sworn in. I had to wait around to be sworn in. Not a joke as well. And I won by 3,300 votes and labor, labor, including the police unions as well as the firefighters, stood up and endorsed me.”

They might want to go back and check to see if they had voting machines. Because this very much is a joke.