Back the Blue

Most who identify with the label of Conservative, Republican, or Libertarian, bristle at the thought of gathering as a group to protest anything peacefully. When the subject is broached, the responses vary from; working for a living and being too busy leaves no time to devote to protesting, only liberals act out through protest, not conservatives, and intimidated and too fearful for one’s physical safety and or backlash of persecution by doxing.

This paradigm shifted briefly when the rise of The Tea Party (TP) resulted in Americans, mostly associated with the right, organized local and state peaceful gatherings by the thousands across fifty states. Tea Party participants were energized by opposition to the government Bailout (TARP) and evolved as the catalyst of the anti – Obamacare movement culminating into a 2010 Midterm GOP sweep of TP backed candidates into office. This organic, grassroots political movement consistently turned out thousands of supporters across the country every few weeks for two years, including approximately one million attending the Restore America Event in Washington DC. The result was a highly visible push back to the Leftist (Obama) agenda at the time and deliverance of elected officials to DC to hold the line.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration weaponized the Internal Revenue System to target TP organizations and successfully hampered the momentum and lead to a fading out, resulting in protests dissipating. Elite establishment Republicans aligned with Obama and Democrats to neutralize the TP and were victorious, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of many who had participated in the movement. In 2017, The Trump administration ‘s Justice Department settled with Conservative (TP) groups after the court found the IRS had targeted them. There are still remnants of this movement and several smaller (TP) Facebook groups and local chapters across the country.

It is way past time to awaken Americans and revitalize this highly successful model and once again suit up and show up in the public square. Time to be seen and accounted for! The media will ridicule and mock as they did before, but they will be forced to cover if the numbers materialize. Now, more than ever, a show of strength, commitment, and mass is critical to exposing the left is not the majority view only the loudest and most visible at present.

Right Wire Report recognizes the legitimate concerns for safety and anonymity in the midst of fascist-like intolerance taking hold in our country. But there is safety in numbers and organizing events like the past (TP), daytime events which utilized park spaces or gatherings at public government buildings with peaceful assembly and family atmosphere, could insulate from counter-protests turning violent. Fear is no longer an option unless we are resigned to living in fear going forward as our freedoms erode further.

Are you ready? Have you had enough?

Right Wire Report has the perfect issue to galvanize behind as the energy lightning bolt for re-entry into this war to save our Republic. One that any political ideology could choose to stand shoulder to shoulder to support – BACK THE BLUE.

Last weekend there were some gatherings to support law enforcement, which got minimal national coverage. This is a great start and should motivate us all to ACT.

But what is needed is hundreds of rallies across this country.

Steps to ACT:

  1. Visit Back the Blue website for organizing information.
  2. To host a “Back the Blue” Event in your local community, please email, and we will work with you to organize these crucial events!
  3. Check Facebook in your area for ( TP)/Trump group to contact and build out an event and grow participation.
  4. Download protest signs, banners, etc. here. Publicize your event in the newspaper.
  5. If none, start your group and media platform pages to organize and grow participation.
  6. Write local Op-Ed on why you support the police.

Right Wire Report has to be honest here and admit to feeling crestfallen over the lack of push back or even reactions from most Americans over the last months of recent events. It has felt like waking up in a foreign fictional land with countrymen who seem out to lunch …

What will it take?

As we struggle to find that unique button to push, that catalyst to motivate you all to want to fight to save our liberty, our way of life, we ask, could you do even this? Could you take 2 maybe 3 hours on a Saturday to stand in the sunshine with other Americans and hold up a simple declaration like, “I support police” or “Reform not defund” and drink a cool icy drink, smile at others, and pick up your trash when you go? If you cannot stand up to Marxist tearing down your personal safety and attacking our warriors on the tower, what can you stand up to?

Can you at least do this?

image RWR original article syndication source.