Chuck Schumer Demands Amy Coney Barrett Pledge to Recuse Herself from ‘Any Cases Involving the 2020 Election’


During the second day of confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court nominee, Schumer took to social media, demanding that Barrett “immediately pledge to recuse herself from any cases involving the 2020 election.”

“She is refusing to stand up to President [Donald] Trump,” he concluded:

Barrett told lawmakers that she has not made any commitments to the White House on how she would rule on certain cases and stressed that she never had a conversation with Trump on potential disputes, particularly involving the upcoming presidential election.

During a line of questioning from Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Barrett explained that she would not comment on pending cases on both Obamacare and voter fraud, because it would effectively make her a “legal pundit”:

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

Barrett refused to articulate her view on the president having unilateral authority to delay an election, triggering many on the left.

“If that question ever came before me, I would need to hear arguments from the litigants and read briefs and consult with my law clerks and talk to my colleagues and go through the opinion-writing process,” Barrett said, adding that judges should approach cases “thoughtfully and with an open mind.”

“If I gave off-the-cuff answers then I would be basically a legal pundit, and I don’t think we want judges to be legal pundits,” Barrett said.

Schumer continued to push his party’s narratives on social media throughout Tuesday’s hearing, warning that a vote for Barrett is “a vote to take health care from millions.”

“It’s a vote to vastly curtail women’s reproductive freedoms,” he added: