The CDC is finalizing guidance for those who have been vaccinated in the United States. Over 82.5 million coronavirus vaccines have been administered as of Thursday.

While the final guidance has yet to be released, it is expected to advise those who have been fully vaccinated to only “have social interactions at small home gatherings with other fully vaccinated people,” per Politico. According to Politico‘s preview, “the guidelines said that vaccinated individuals should continue to adhere to mask and social distancing guidance in public.”

CNN said the CDC confirmed Politico’s description regarding the small, maskless social gatherings. But, according to CNN, the guidelines will not have a pre-pandemic feel.

“It’s not like going back to 2019,” the outlet assessed, urging readers to refrain from tossing their cloth masks.

“The guidelines will advise the vaccinated to continue to wear masks in public and keep a good physical distance from others,” the outlet reported, citing infectious disease expert Dr. William Schaffner, who said masks “work” and play a key role in fighting virus variants.

CNN added there is “no guarantee that vaccinated people may not still carry virus in their noses or throats — virus that may not make the carrier sick, but that could be spewed out and infect someone yet unvaccinated.”

A Biden official said the guidelines will not provide specifics for every scenario, but they will provide “principles for people to think through.”

“It will give people the means to think through it and then they can choose what level of risk they wish to take,” the official said.

More than 82 million doses of coronavirus vaccines have been administered in the United States, according to the CDC, 16.3 percent of people receiving at least one dose. Dr. Anthony Fauci said the U.S. must have a majority of Americans vaccinated, 75-80 percent, to create an “umbrella of protection over the community that the level of community spread will be really, really very low.”

A Harvard CAPS-Harris poll released this week showed 41 percent of Americans remain unwilling to receive a vaccination for the Wuhan virus.