It’s been just over a week since CNN host Chris Cuomo was caught in a blatant lie about his coronavirus quarantine experience. Yet he is still standing by the same inaccurate story – and lashing out at those who dare to question him.

Back during Easter weekend, Chris Cuomo was spotted out and about walking with his family, despite allegedly self-quarantining in his basement after contracting the coronavirus in late March. He was reportedly checking out undeveloped property he had recently purchased in East Hampton, which was a 30 minute drive from his Southampton home.

A cyclist confronted him for leaving his “self-quarantine” in which the confrontation got heated and quickly went public. A police report was filed and Cuomo even acknowledged the exchange on the radio the very next day.

Yet a week ago, CNN staged Cuomo “emerging” for the first time from his basement quarantine as if that entire thing ever happened. “All right, here it is: the official reentry from the basement, cleared by the Centers for Disease Control. This is what I’ve been dreaming of literally for weeks.” Cuomo announces, walking up the stairs. 

Later on in the week, the CNN host openly lied in a tweet about the events that transpired. Somebody on twitter asked if he could first talk for a minute about how he broke quarantine while having coronavirus. Como responded “Sure – it is just a lie. I was past quarantine. Was never in public. My fam was cursed in our own backyard by a guy with an open case for allegedly biting a man’s hands. Those are facts ignored by trump grumps.” 

He said he was “past quarantine” and “in his own backyard” at the time when the exchange with the cyclist occurred – both of which appear to be false claims. 

For one, undeveloped property half an hour away is not really considered “backyard.” What’s more weird is that “another woman” was reportedly at the property with Cuomo and his family at the time, lending credence to the notion that he was in fact in public. 

He also wasn’t past quarantine, due to the fact that, within days of the incident, he was still presenting symptoms of COVID-19. New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz was quick to smack down these lies. She asked if he was past quarantine then why did he stage himself emerging from quarantine 8 days later. She also noted that two days after the confrontation Como appeared on CNN with their chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and acknowledged he had not gone the requisite 72 hours without a fever before leaving quarantine. 

Despite all of this, Cuomo still took the opportunity to criticize Vice President Mark Pence on national tv for not wearing a mask to a recent visit at the Mayo clinic. Pence has stated that as the vice president he is tested on a regular basis. 

“This is a teachable moment. Of course, if you’re supposed to wear a mask, then you should wear a mask.” He preaches. The advice is sound but not coming from Cuomo. He, along with the rest of the Left, really ought to start practicing what they preach.