D.C. Officials Investigating Bar for Virus Rules Infraction After Back the Blue Video Goes Viral


“At Harry’s in DC, 1 block from Trump Hotel,” Harris tweeted.

“This is how everyone responded to the police walking in!” He tweeted as the crowd chanted, “Back the Blue.”

“Thank you men for your service,” Harris said to the officers in the video. “Thanks for all you do for our country and this city. We really appreciate it.”

“That’s how we roll,” Harris said.

The left-wing DCist media outlet reported on the video by expressing outrage about the incident as it relates to D.C. Phase Two rules for reopening.

Harris, who isn’t wearing a mask, thanks them for their service. Many applauded the show of support and said this is how America should treat police right now. The post even garnered a retweet from President Donald Trump. Others were outraged at the scene of a maskless crowd indoors during a pandemic.

A spokesperson for the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA), which handles Mayoral Order violations, says the “matter has been assigned for investigation.”

Many of the offenses carry a warning or $1,000 fine for the first offense, a $2,000 fine for the second offense, and a meeting with the ABRA board for the third offense. ABRA has investigated more than 130 incidents of violations during the pandemic.

The DCist noted that Harry’s has been popular with police “for years,” but in recent years it has attracted white supremacist patrons, even if Harris, the man behind the video, is black.

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