David Bossie: Leftist ‘Crazies’ Attacking Amy Coney Barrett Actually Help Trump


Americans were broadly turned off by the political campaign launched by Democrats and the left against Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings, Bossie told host Alex Marlow during Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily, and a similar campaign directed against Barrett would further damage public opinion towards Democrats.

Marlow highlighted left-wing criticisms of Barrett’s adoption of Haitian children.

“Your average American … they hear something like that and they’re going, ‘What is wrong with people? That’s good for us.” Bossie said. “We need more of the crazies coming out and attacking her. It only helps the president [and] only helps Judge Barrett get through this confirmation process, because it’s going to embarrass the left.

“These people, they can’t afford an over-the-top confirmation hearing like they had with Justice Kavanaugh,” Bossie said.


Bossie warned of pollsters trying to shape public opinion rather than reflect it.

Polling outcomes are often predetermined by pollsters, Bossie said, “to prove what they want [and] their outcome that they want.”

“ABC and NBC and CBS and CNN and MSDNC, they all do the same thing, and the Washington Post and New York Times they’re all in it together, they wanted to defeat this president,” Bossie said. “They hate him more than they love the country. They’ll do and say anything to defeat him, and creating false polls to create a false narrative is just part of it.”

Marlow asked about the president’s preparation for post-election legal battles over electoral outcomes.

“I can guarantee you and your listeners that the president has a pack of killers, lawyers that are ready to go. Ready to fight for every single vote, making sure that they’re valid,” Bossie replied. “They don’t have to be voting for Donald Trump. They just have to be valid.”

“President Trump is going to win,” Bossie declared. “There’s just no doubt about it in my mind. If our path to 270 electoral college votes is clear, the president is going to execute the plan, and we’re going to win on Election Day.”

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