The Democrats feel that one social media ad dollar is the most important. But, while they spend huge amounts of money on it, they completely ignore the elephant in the room.

Axios reports that Democrat ad dollars have been funneled into pro-abortion advertisements, or “reproductive rights.” This appears to be one of few issues that gets people to see the Democrat Party positively and helps candidates in races where they would otherwise not have a foothold. According to the Associated Press, this figure includes $124 million spent on abortion.

John Fetterman has an advantage over Mehmet Oz, his Republican opponent. This is because he has the female vote, which is 47% to Oz’s 41%. A CBS poll found that 70% of voters cited abortion as the reason they support Fetterman instead of Oz.

According to Pew Research abortion grew 13 percent in importance after Roe v Wade collapsed. It is now the number one concern for voters, though not the most important.

The chart below shows that Democrats believe that this hot iron can still be struck to make it more valuable. So they are spending a lot of money on ads about the issue. This may be a good thing for Democrats, but it doesn’t mean they can make progress by the yards. Even though abortion is a hot topic, it is not the most important. Pew ranks violence, gun policy and the economy higher than abortion, but Democrats are not winning on any of these issues.

As you can see, however, they don’t want to talk about Joe Biden, their leader.

Although Biden is not up for reelection it is true that he is the leader and head of the Democrat Party. It is his White House that is leading the ship. Biden’s popularity is pathetic and will continue to decline with every passing day. This makes him a liability for Democrat candidates.

Gun control is also missing from the major spending list. The Democrat Party tried to build momentum for the issue after the shooting in Uvalde. They even invited Matthew McConoughey, a White House official, to talk about it. It didn’t happen despite all the horses and men of the king joining forces to make this issue big. Due to the 2020 election and the pandemic, there are far too many gun owners now who aren‚Äôt ready to give up their guns. The issue has been somewhat dropped.

Republicans continue to focus on President Biden and make his failures and scandals their main talking point. Below him, there is a focus upon former President Donald Trump. According to Pew, the economy is the fourth largest contributor of voter loyalty.

It is possible that the economic state under Democrats speaks loudly enough for Republicans. The economy is far more important than any other concern, and with Democrats at helm, the economy at its worst and Republicans riding the red tide it’s causing, Republicans simply don’t care.

This could pay off in the end. Although the midterms favor Republicans, Republicans appear to be trying to fix the economic crisis in the minds voters who will link it to Biden within two years.