“I have no idea why anybody would make that statement unless they were unaware of the fight that has been going on,” Pelosi said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” after the media outlet played a clip of Newsom claiming the Democrat Party needs to be more proactive in the fight to keep abortion the law of the land.

“Where is the Democratic Party? Where’s the party?… We need to stand up. Where’s the counteroffensive?” Newsom said.

“We have been fighting against the Republicans in the Congress constantly,” Pelosi said.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on the alleged rift between Pelosi and Newsom, who is not only related to the Speaker through marriage but has expressed support for Pelosi to retain her leadership post if Democrats can keep a majority in the House after the mid-term elections.

In fact, Newsom has vowed to make California a so-called “sanctuary state” by not only keeping the life-ending procedure available in the state, but going as far as helping foot the cost of traveling to the state for an abortion.

If the U.S. Supreme Court does overturn Roe v. Wade, the decision would mean the laws on abortion would once again be the responsibility of state lawmakers.

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