Biden and White House made very clear that Biden had spoken personally to three of those mayors who live in the area most likely be hit by the hurricane. However, despite his efforts to reach out to each mayor, he couldn’t find time to contact Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis — The man in charge for the state’s response, the guy you would normally call when in such a situation. Biden encouraged the mayors and avoided calling DeSantis. It was obvious that he tried to avoid DeSantis, even though he is capable of doing so. Pressed by reporters to explain why Biden had not spoken to DeSantis, the FEMA Director and White House press secretary couldn’t respond.

Biden is a genius. I don’t know what he was thinking. Yes, he is selfish, but he displayed it in a very juvenile manner. This didn’t make Biden look good and certainly didn’t hurt DeSantis, if that was his intention.

DeSantis wasn’t going to let his pettiness take over. He was too focused on the safety of the people. DeSantis thanked FEMA, who quickly approved the pre-landfall declar. He did all the right thing and was a better man. He displayed the qualities of true leadership.

DeSantis announced, “I’m glad to brief President if you’re interested in hearing our work in Florida.” “You have people’s lives at risk…it’s no time for pettiness. It’s up to us to do the right thing for them. So, my phone line remains open.”

It appears that the White House was put on the spot by the reporters, and RedState as well as others nailed Biden because of his pettiness. Someone must have told Biden that he had got to stop his duff, get over his childishness, be civil and call DeSantis, if he was going pretend to be a leader.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary announced Tuesday evening Biden called DeSantis.

What was it really like? You can imagine how difficult it was. Biden took three full days to finish the job, because of what is happening with his ego. Whatever the cause, Biden only ended up hurting himself.