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This just in for leftists and their non-thinking liberal allies: We need the police. 

For the past month, police have been blamed for every societal wrong, cited as the reason for every black man’s misdeed, and vilified for trying to apprehend some of the most dangerous and resistant criminals on the streets. They are only noticed when something goes wrong; otherwise, we take their services for granted. Those services, by the way, are compensated at a national average of just $67,000. But they show up every day ready to put their lives on the line for us. Below is a list of the top-10 highest-paying states for police officers:

  1. California average police officer salary: $105,220
  2. Alaska average police officer salary: $87,870
  3. New Jersey average police officer salary: $86,840
  4. Washington average police officer salary: $80,200
  5. Hawaii average police officer salary: $78,720
  6. Illinois average police officer salary: $78,350
  7. New York average police officer salary: $77,490
  8. Colorado average police officer salary: $75,720
  9. Delaware average police officer salary: $73,740
  10. Nevada average police officer salary: $73,660

Make no mistake; many of these shootings would take place either way. Police or no police, the violent criminal gangsters are going to have their turf wars one way or another. Still, when police cannot be part of preventative measures, speak to the community, or follow up crime as efficiently, the deterrence factor indubitably disappears. To no one’s surprise, deadly shootings go up. Most incredibly, it impacts the very communities that Black Lives Matter and Democrats purport to champion.

It’s amazing that more proof is needed, and some might never see through their own confirmation bias. They jump on each white-police-kills-a-black-man narrative, and willfully ignore or are just too obtuse to notice every other headline. Well, try ignoring these headlines, all coming out after the death of George Floyd. Where is Black Lives Matter when you need them?

Seattle lawlessness allowed for a police-free zone. Crime did not go down, as all of these protests have intimated. No police, no crime! How naive. In fact, CHAZ piled up the highest per capita murder rate in the entire world. There should also be no mistaking the fact that an absence of police does not equate to the absence of an armed mob. Instead of police, though, and the social contract, responsibilities, and systems of accountability that come with them, Warlord Raz Simone created his own unaccountable and barbaric brute squad. What makes America unique is that, for now, the strong do not overpower the weak. In real life, and certainly in CHAZ, the strong governed the weak (and unarmed). 

People had better start supporting the police; otherwise, as more of them leave, the death tolls will just continue rising. No one would really blame them if they did.

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