Donald Trump: Reporter Questions to Joe Biden ‘Meant for a Child’


Reporters with Biden, he said, “asked questions that are really meant for a child to answer.”

The president reacted to the Biden press conference earlier on Friday during a White House press conference after taking several questions from reporters himself.

“Those questions were meant for a child. Smiles on the faces of reporters. There were smiles,” Trump said.

Joe Biden / YouTube

“Take a look at those questions that they asked him. They were not meant for a grownup. They were meant for a child,” Trump said.

Reporters asked Biden to weigh in “about Trump’s soul,” about the conspiracy theory site QAnon, criticizing President Trump for mocking him on masks, to react to Trump’s comments about voting by mail, and even why he wasn’t angrier about The Atlantic story claiming Trump disparaged fallen war heroes.

“Anybody could answer,” Trump said. “Honestly it’s disgraceful.”