Donald Trump Responds to Western Wildfires: ‘It’s About Forest Management’


“You know it is about forest management. Please remember the words, very simple: forest management. Please remember that,” he said at a campaign rally in Minden, Nevada on Saturday night.

The president said he had spoken to leaders in Washington, California, and Oregon, and planned to visit California the following week.

“Tonight our hearts are with all of the communities in the West battling devastating wildfires,” Trump said.

The massive wildfires have burned millions of acres of land in California, Oregon, and Washington, as hundreds of thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate.

The president praised the over 28,000 firefighters and first responders fighting the fires.

“They are fighting, and it’s dangerous,” he said.

President Trump has frequently blamed poor forest management for the fires that keep ravaging the West, while the left blames climate change.

“You got to clean your forests … they have many, many years of leaves and broken trees. And they’re like, so flammable. You touch them and it goes up,” Trump said in August at a rally in Pennsylvania. “I’ve been telling them this now for three years, but they don’t want to listen.”