The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 is regularly marketed as a “COVID-19 relief” package by politicians and media.

“Less than nine percent of this entire gross package [goes] to actual COVID relief,” Cammack said of proposed federal appropriations in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

“This is just typical, left-liberal B.S., honestly,” Cammack remarked. “This is a COVID relief package that they are claiming is going to address support for small businesses and workers and families and individuals. No. This is the ultimate Biden Bailout. If they were really serious about delivering COVID relief, they would start with the more than one trillion dollars we still have unspent from previous COVID packages.”

Cammack added, “If they were serious about COVID relief, they would have more than nine percent of this $1.9 trillion bill going to COVID relief, but no, less than nine percent of this entire gross package go to actual COVID relief. … This is is a bailout for the blue states.”


“This is the ultimate pork-filled, government-gone-wild spending bill, and Americans should be outraged,” Cammack stated.

Democrat-run states with more aggressive lockdowns and shutdowns — framed as “public health” measures by Democrats and allied news media — are primary recipients of the Democrats’ proposed spending legislation, Cammack held.

“Nancy Pelosi and her cronies over there on the left changed the funding formula,” Cammack explained. “The states that will receive this $350 billion dollars are actually the states that have the highest unemployment — so, the states that did everything wrong, like California or New York. It actually punishes states like Florida, even though we’re the third-most-populous state in the union, and South Dakota where Kristi Noem kept her state open.”