Exclusive: Restoration PAC Makes $1 Million Michigan Ad Buy to Boost Republican John James in Senate Race


The ad, titled “Who Will Stop It,” focuses on the rioting and looting employed by radical progressives and contrasts James as a leader to end the violence, as opposed to Peters, a follower, who will not.

Restoration PAC said the buy is approximately $1 million and will be supplemented by at least $50,000 in digital advertising.

“Career politician Gary Peters doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to the radicals in his own party or to the madness unfolding in cities across America,” Restoration PAC founder and president Doug Truax told Breitbart News. “Michigan needs an outsider in the United States Senate who has the courage and leadership skills to stand up to the radicals in our streets and the radical politicians in Washington.”

The group’s first ad in the state focused on Peters’s “non-specific” support for the Green New Deal in November.

Restoration PAC is also airing anti-Biden ads in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

The huge ad buy comes as a new poll shows James taking the lead from Peters in a survey conducted before the Republican National Convention.

James is ahead with 48.1 percent support, compared to 46.6 percent for Peters, according to the Trafalgar Group.

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