In a recent interview with Fox Business, Frances Haugen, the left-wing Facebook whistleblower that leaked a number of internal Facebook documents last year, stated that she was “cautiously optimistic” about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

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“Whistleblower”Frances Haugen dishes on Facebook (Jim Watson/Getty)

Haugen stated that she believes that Musk’s takeover of the company allows him to change the company’s business model in a way that would prioritize the safety of users rather than focusing on generating profit for shareholders. However, Musk has openly stated his dedication to free speech while Haugen heavily criticized Facebook for not doing more to crack down on “hate speech” and “misinformation” on its platform.

“I have a feeling that Facebook is going to rationalize to itself that it can’t really do anything different than it already does because of the demands of the market,” Haugen told Fox Business. “I think there’s a huge opportunity here for Elon to really demonstrate that there’s another way forward.”

Haugen compared Musk to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, stating that she thinks Musk is better at taking feedback from employees and making changes.

Haugen stated that Zuckerberg has “surrounded himself with people who tell him what he wants to hear,” and rarely hears opposing viewpoints. Haugen stated that the “number one” thing Musk can do to measurably improve Twitter is “institute real transparency.”

“One of the key parts about a system as critical as Twitter for our democratic processes is whether or not people trust that the system is fair. And right now, I would say that trust in Twitter is a little bit in flux,” Haugen emphasizes. “The number one most important thing [Elon] can do is institute real transparency. Transparency is how he’s going to go to prove that he’s acting in ways that are aligned with the public good and it’s how he’s going to build trust in his ability to run the system.”

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