Fauci Admits Frustration with Trump’s Maskless Rallies — ‘We Want to Set an Example’


National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci said Wednesday on “CBS This Morning” that President Donald Trump’s maskless rallies are not setting a good example.

Anchor Gayle King asked, “The president continues to hold massive rallies where people are not wearing masks, including the president himself. When you see that, what do you think? Is it frustrating to you as an expert on this?”

Fauci replied, “Well, yes, it is. I’ve said that often.”

He continued, “That situation — we want to set an example because we know that when you do four or five typical kind of public health measures, masks, physical distance, avoiding crowds, making sure you do most things outdoors versus indoors, those are the kind of things that turn around surges and also prevent us from getting surges. So I certainly would like to see a universal wearing of masks.”

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