Feds: Two Men Kidnapped by Gulf Cartel in Texas, Tortured in Mexico


This week, authorities arrested several members of the kidnapping crew as part of a case that began in October 2019. It began when Texas State Troopers pulled over a tractor-trailer and seized 30 bundles of cocaine weighing approximately 100 kilograms, a criminal complaint filed by the FBI revealed. It remains unclear why, but the driver of the vehicle, described only as D.G. was released “pending further investigation.” The story was first reported by Mark Reagan of The Monitor who reported that authorities have since arrested 13 cartel members in connection with the kidnapping conspiracy.

A little over a week after the drug seizure, an unnamed suspect met with the truck driver (D.G.) and another man J.L. The suspect said that on October 14 they needed to meet with another unnamed man at a rach in Edinburg, Texas. If the men did not arrive, gunmen would “kill their families.” When the two men arrived at the meeting, cartel operatives held them at gunpoint and tied them up. The cartel group later moved the two men to Mexico. Once in Mexico, cartel gunmen tortured them for days as they demanded ransom money from their loved ones. The tortures included cartel gunmen tying them up and beating them with wooden boards. The court document filed by the FBI revealed that the cartel sought $800,000 from one of the victims and $300,000 from the other one for payment. After several days in captivity, the Gulf Cartel released the two victims who then returned to Texas. It remains unclear if the families paid the ransom.

Several cases of kidnappings by the Gulf Cartel have been reported in recent years. Those include:

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