Fox 26 Houston reporter Ivory Hecker certainly knew how to do a “tease” during the opening of her weather segment on Monday.

The general assignment reporter complained about being “muzzled,” claiming that she wasn’t the only one, and told viewers that she made a tip to Project Veritas that is set to drop on Tuesday. Watch:

JUST IN: Ivory Hecker, TV News reporter is choosing to blow the whistle on her own television station. Moments ago, she just announced on air she will be releasing recordings through Project Veritas, TOMORROW.

— Personal Blog Media News (@pbmnews) June 14, 2021

“Before we get to that story, I want to let you the viewers that Fox Corp. has been muzzling me to keep certain information from you the viewers,” she said. “And from what I’m gathering, I am not the only reporter being subjected to this.”

“I am going to be releasing some recordings,” she continued, “About what goes on behind the scenes at Fox, because it applies to you the viewers. I found a non-profit journalism group called Project Veritas that is going to help put that out tomorrow, so tune into them.”

Hecker then pivoted to covering the heat wave in Texas. That is how you tease a report.

The information that she is promising viewers is particularly interesting, because Project Veritas is known for exposing behind-the-scenes operations at left-leaning media outlets, such as NBC and CNN.

This would be one of the first major exposes of a Fox Corp. affiliate. It is unclear what Hecker is referring to, but Project Veritas has been active in Texas breaking stories on election fraud.

Attorney General Ken Paxton referred to Project Veritas by name in an October 2020 press release. It referred to a video that appeared to expose a political consultant’s sweeping election fraud operations.

“What’s shown in the video is shocking and should alarm all Texans who care about election integrity. We are aggressively investigating the serious allegations and potential crimes that Project Veritas’s documentary audio and video recordings shed light on today. My office is fiercely committed to ensuring that the voting process is secure and fair in all Texas elections—a process that this video unfortunately casts a shadow of doubt on,” said Attorney General Paxton. “Election integrity has been a top priority of mine since I first took office in 2015. Anyone who attempts to defraud the people of Texas, deprive them of their vote, or undermine the integrity of elections will be brought to justice and penalized to the fullest extent of the law.”

America will have to stay tuned to see exactly what Hecker plans to bring to light about the news corporation.