Sunday on FNC’s “Fox Report,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) reacted to the Democrats’ push to impeach President Donald Trump over his part in the U.S. Capitol riot that left five dead and many more injured.

Gaetz said that with Inauguration Day just 10 days away, “impeachment would be unnecessary.” He also argued impeachment “would be divisive.”

“This impeachment would be unnecessary, it would be divisive, and it’s only being done because Democrats want to keep the focus on President Trump,” Gaetz advised. “You would think that with just nine, 10 days left in the Trump presidency for this term, you would have Democrats eager to focus on what Joe Biden would be bringing to the country — his exciting picks for the cabinet. But, you see, they have to continue to hold together A very fragile coalition by maintaining the focus on President Trump.”

“Here’s what I expect: They’re going to offer articles of impeachment, they’re going to have a vote this week, and then Nancy Pelosi will merely hold those articles of impeachment so that the Senate continues with their activities and they’re able to maintain the specter of Donald Trump instead of having substantive debate.”

Although calls are growing for Trump to resign, Gaetz said Trump is not going anywhere.

“I spoke with President Trump today,” stated Gaetz. “He is not resigning, and he is not leaving the public stage at all. Donald J. Trump remains the inspirational leader of a loving and patriotic movement.”