Hollywood Elites Gush over Kamala Harris During VP Debate: ‘Mamala Whooped Dat A**!’


Much of the Hollywood praise also focused on Harris’ gender as stars took a you-go-girl approach to convincing the public that Harris won the debate. “Mamala whooped dat ass,” Marvel Studios star David Bautista tweeted. “Bad ass!” filmmaker Paul Feig wrote.

Actress Debra Messing tweeted that Harris “has the intellect, temperament, and experience to lead.”

Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista tweeted “Mamala whooped dat ass!” Actress Ellen Barkin repeated the “Mamala,” or “Momala” term of endearment.

John Cusack echoed the “Mamala” sentiment in not so many words, praising Harris as the “adult” in the room.

Actress Viola Davis gushed: “Behold the power, the unyielding power, compassion, empathy, vision and ownership of that who is WOMAN and who is BLACK.”

Filmmaker Paul Feig was impressed whenever Harris said “I’m speaking.” “She is BAD ASS,” Feig tweeted.

Michael Moore called Harris’ performance “historic.”

Mark Ruffalo pushed the narrative that Harris won the debate, while making the dubious claim that she had only a “fraction” of the speaking time.

Patricia Arquette tweeted the hashtag #KamalaWonTheDebate.

Star Trek star George Takei defended Harris’ refusal to answer whether she and Joe Biden will pack the Supreme Court.

Comedian Chelsea Handler called Harris “the future” and Pence “the past.”

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee praised Harris for “doing a better job of moderating this debate than any debate moderator in history.”

Jeffrey Wright tweeted, “Kamala is read. Period.”

Actor Jon Cryer tweeted, “Kamala is lighting him up.”

Actress Meredith Salenger tweeted that she was “so proud” of Harris.

Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin joined Hollywood’s collective fawning over Kamala Harris.

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