Race Matters

Ask most Americans right now how important race is, and you’re likely to encounter a long-winded diatribe against systemic racism and white supremacy. So, super important. All those dastardly white founders you learned about in grade school were actually monsters. They secretly didn’t care if America had individual liberty, religious freedoms, and limited government intervention; they just wanted to find a way to cement the institution of slavery for all time.

Racism explains everything good and bad about America – ever. America is successful because it was built upon the backs of slaves. America is also the worst because it had black slaves owned by white men. Put another way, everything good about America is due to the work of slaves, and everything bad about America is due to the work of slaves. I feel a brain bleed coming on.

What if you asked the rest of the world? Does racism cause everything bad to happen? If you listen to the hustlers and morons out there, it certainly sounds like that. In all of my American whiteness, my worldview is pretty limited, so it would help to ask around. In case you beat me to it, here are questions I would like to pose to various cultures:

Ask Croatians how their white ethnicity prevented their slaughter at the hands of white Serbs.

Ask the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians, British, French, and Belgian populations how their whiteness saved them from white German annihilation in two world wars.

Ask the 10-20 million Slavic Russians how their identity saved them from enslavement, torture, and murder from the Satin of Slavs, Joseph Stalin.

Ask the white Protestant Irish how they couldn’t see that disagreements with the white Catholic Irish were really about racial animus and not fundamental religious zealotry.

Ask the 5-8 million Ukrainians how white Slavic similarities prevented them from murder and starvation under the aforementioned Stalin and his Holodomor.

Ask the entire white European continent if they tried playing the race card as Napoleon’s forces swept from west to east. Mais oui, nous sommes blanc!

Ask William Wallace why the white Scot’s couldn’t make peace with the white English crown.

Yes, race could be seen to explain all of Europe’s violence and fighting over the millennia. Ah, but lest you think I am picking just on white people, please continue:

Ask the freedom lovers in Hong Kong why they don’t simply remind the Chinese Communist Party that they’re also Chinese; surely Xi just forgot.

Ask the Chinese how common Asian ethnicity worked out for them with the Japanese mainland invasion of the 1930s.

Ask the 60-100 million Han Chinese how their own Chinese heritage saved them from Maoist reeducation camps and the greatest mass murder in human history.

Ask the South Vietnamese how that stopped those living in the North from rampaging through their country.

Ask the South Koreans how their Korean identity prevented seventy years of hot and cold wars with North Korea.

Yes, like Europe, race has been the driving force of mass murder and social coercion in Asia, too. Blacks are beautiful and wonderful, but they would never commit the atrocities we outlined above, right? Well…

Ask the Tutsis how their black skin color worked out for them in Rwanda with the black-skinned Hutus.

Ask the tens of millions of black slaves sold by fellow black tribal leaders to both their Arab neighbors to the east and to a lesser extent to their European trading partners to the west.

Ask the countless brown-skinned prisoners of war who were gruesomely sacrificed to the various malevolent Gods of Aztec and Mayan society. Did their racial sameness save them from having their beating hearts ripped out of them?

Ask Juan Peron and Augusto Pinochet if they ruled with iron fists in Argentina and Chile because of the shared race of their countrymen.

It appears that Africa and South America were likewise affected by severe racist motives at every level.

Ask the white Southerners and white Northerners how their whiteness limited the scope and destruction of the American Civil War. Those white brothers killing one another on opposite sides of the battlefield is just a myth propped up by Trump.

Ask the thousands of American blacks that owned other blacks in the antebellum South if they hated blacks…err themselves…err the bleeding began again.

Ask all-white families why they are “divorcing” themselves from Trump supporters in their same, white family in this contentious political atmosphere.

Ask the white Portland junkie why he doesn’t feel a kindred spirit with a white police officer.

Ask the 43% of white American voters that ushered in a Barack Obama presidency. (For comparison, 96% of black voters voted for him – so who is more concerned about race?)

Ask how Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted his children to be judged. Would reply “by the content of their character; not the color of their skin.” As Joe Biden would say, that’s malarkey!

Yes, it is obvious that throughout history, it was the race of those subjected and of those doing the subjecting that drove every decision. I hope I get invited to the next 1619 Symposium to share my findings on the true motivators of human conquest. It is not power, fame, riches, influence, religion, ideology, values, or control. It is race, pure, and simple.

How come all you other rubes never figured that out?

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