The Bourges prosecutor’s office has only asked for a one-year suspended sentence and a two-year ban on practising medicine for 80-year-old Dr Fadhil Almosawy, accused of sexually abusing one of his patients in November of 2019.

The alleged victim in the case stated that she had visited the doctor’s office on the morning of November 25th after claiming she felt unwell and had previously visited a fortnight prior, newspaper Le Berry Republicain reports.

“He made me lie down on the examination table,” the woman told investigators. “He put his hands under my clothes, massaged my stomach. Then the shoulders, the head, the back… and buttocks, legs. He told me to come back in the evening, to put on my make-up, to come and eat with him. I left without a prescription, and he didn’t ask me for my health card or payment,” she said.

Just hours later, the woman told her parents about the incident and filed a complaint. Dr Almosawy, who has practised medicine in Bourges for 46 years, has no criminal record but has had one similar prior complaint, though it was dismissed.

“All she’s talking about is bullshit!” Almosawy said, and claimed the entire case was a racist conspiracy against him from the Board of the Order of Physicians. The Board has only given him a two-month suspension from practice from April 1st to May 31st.

A judgement in the court case is expected in May.

The case comes just over a year after migrant doctor Manish Shah was found guilty of sexually abusing dozens of patients aged 15 to 32 and sentenced to a “life” sentence with a minimum 15-year term in the United Kingdom.

Detective Superintendent Tara McGovern for the Central Specialist Crime team of the Metropolitan Police commented on the Shah case saying: “The judge rightly described him as a ‘master of deception’. They were unaware that Shah was carrying out unnecessary, invasive examinations on female patients for his own sexual gratification, after giving his victims misleading clinical advice.”