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For all of his flaws (who among us does not have flaws?), Donald Trump is representative of a philosophy that seeks to continue the American experiment based on the values of individual liberty, freedom, and human goodness. Joe Biden is representative of a philosophy marked by intolerance, division, and utter destruction.

Many voters, particularly those apathetic to the two-party system and feeling left behind by either a politician’s platform or public presentation, have declared to me privately or to no one in particular publicly, that they are simply sitting out of this upcoming election. They often cite the trite anecdote that unremarkably observes “both parties are corrupt” or “nothing will change either way” with regard to their election choice. To those people, I say: Grow up and wake up. This election and all elections in the foreseeable future are not about the Joe Bidens or Donald Trumps on the ballot. They are not about individuals. They are about entire worldviews and philosophies for governing America that go back to the core of her founding.

The Democrats have now openly embraced many unforgivable positions that would forever ruinously alter the American landscape. Unmistakable is that the current iteration of the Democratic Party is no longer the liberal beacon of personal betterment and empowerment of days past. Those extinct Democrats, for whatever policy differences they held, nevertheless sought to improve America based on a framework that made nonpareil promises to its people. Whereas Democrats in the mold of Kennedy and Clinton, and even a campaigning Obama in 2008, recognized the unique liberties articulated by the American system, understood the relentless powers of the free market and made a moral defense of evils perpetrated against defenseless sovereigns, the contemporary vision of the party is just the opposite.

To even suggest that there is worth to be garnered from our founding documents or wisdom for our founding fathers nowadays results in charges of racism, white supremacy, and cancelation. No longer do Democrats believe in the freedoms afforded us by the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, despite the fact that these documents ushered in the freedoms allowing them to so vehemently protest; no longer do they believe in capitalism, despite the fact that this very system released humanity from abject poverty and even today provides them the very means with which to organize; and, no longer do they believe in God-centered morality, despite the fact that individual goodness derived from a just and judging God was the driving force behind abolishing slavery and enacting Civil Rights legislation.

In no particular order, what follows are just a few ways the Democrats in America would have us remake the freest and decent society in human history.

First, they embrace anti-Americanism, evidenced by their support of factually-inaccurate pablum like Howard Zinn’s rewriting of American history and Nicole Hannah-Jones’ more recent 1619 Project. All school-age children and the people that teach them are indoctrinated to believe there is nothing redeeming about America and that it is simply filled with racist and exploitative white people. For every one that suggests America ought to be judged on its worst sin, where is the equal condemnation for Communism? Are people not aware that more human beings suffered and died as a result of totalitarian regimes in the last century alone, one that promised equality and only wrought godless suffering and injustice? If America is evil for its tacit involvement in a worldwide and historical phenomenon, to what extent is China or Soviet Russia for the horrors they knowingly committed? Surely capricious and power-thirsting murder of 100 million people is more heinous than the enslavement of 4 million.

Second, they espouse hate and encourage violence toward these non-believers. Police, brave people who care for their communities and simply want to return to their families at the end of a shift, are regularly attacked and maimed. How many ended up in hospitals after the despicable displays of “justified” anger in May and June? Reporting out of Portland has said that three officers may be permanently blinded after lasers were intentionally shone in their eyes. If one act of police violence condemns the entire force to brutality, what should be said about soulless ghouls that hurt police on a nightly basis?

Third, they embrace intolerance, witnessed easily by the way they childishly handle disputes and disagreement. How many more conservative speakers than left-wing ones have been insulted and even prevented from speaking on college campuses? How many more conservatives than left-wing positions result in the loss of a job or loss of access to grandchildren? When asked to identify the worst aspects of Trump, left-wing thought includes the notion that he appeals to rural voters. That’s true as a general statement, but they said this about the reason for it being wrong:

“You know the ones—the ignorant, toothless, inbred, Bible-thumping, cousin-touching, uneducated rubes who have always been the most racist, intolerant, ignorant, and hateful members of our country. Cities are synonymous with art and culture and sophistication, so it’s no surprise that the part of the country that produces no art, no literature, and no culture would be the one that supports Trump.”

Folks, the party of love and tolerance!

Fourth, they have declared that they will legislate basic Constitutional rights away, including free speech rights and the right to purchase, possess, and carry firearms. Does anyone honestly think it will stop there? If the riots, looting, and police defunding have proved anything, it is that we need our firearms more than ever. Based on this reality alone, are you willing to vote for Democrats or not vote at all?

Democrats have also included in their wing a group which believes that basic character traits like responsibility, hard work, and adherence to a nuclear family are nothing more than systemic whiteness and are therefore arbitrary. They despise the rule of law and the subsequent order that exists to maintain it. They do not believe you have a right to personal property, whether that is something tangible like real estate (i.e. your home) or your bank account (i.e. the money you worked for but do not deserve). Is any of this rational? Black lives do matter, but the organization Black Lives Matter would prefer white people to completely surrender everything they have in the name of rage-inspired retribution. Make no mistake, BLM is not about peace and harmony; it is about wanton cruelty and dismantling of everything that makes us as individuals and us a country good.

Obviously, the Republicans are not without faults. However, these faults do not include living only to destroy America. America is imperfect, but her goal has always been about striving for perfection. The transition from black slavery to Jim Crow, to Civil Rights, to a black President, to today seems to confirm as much. The Democrats would have you believe that the better alternative to a free and prosperous America is totalitarian control of thought, speech, and actions. Why have police when you can have armed neighborhood vigilantes? Why have the free market when you can have rationing and shortages? Why have material inequality when we can all be equally poor instead?

All voters have to ask themselves the same two questions in November. Am I willing to give up on the ideals laid forth in the Declaration of Independence about God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Will my personal dislike of Trump win favor over the good of the country and the good of its people?

Like I said, time to grow up.

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