James Otis Turns Self in, Charged with Felony for Smashing Trump’s Hollywood Star


Police have arrested James Otis, a familiar name, in connection with the latest act of defiance against Trump in the form of attacking his Hollywood star. According to TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) said video showed Otis as the prime suspect “and when they contacted Otis’ camp they were told he wanted to turn himself in for the crime.”

Otis reportedly turned himself in on Monday and is being held on $20,000 bail. The star’s repairs are already underway and are expected to cost $3,000.

Otis made waves in 2016, taking a pickaxe to Trump’s Hollywood star weeks before the presidential election.

“I was just so fed up, so saddened and fed up by Mr. Trump and how he continues to denigrate women, and he continues to joke and make fun about sexual violence and his own exploits against women,” Otis, who described himself as a “Bernie Democrat, said at the time.

Watch below:

“And personally, I have in my own family, several people who have been sexually assaulted, including my brother and it hurts a lot. It doesn’t go away,” he told the Los Angeles Daily News. “It’s an issue that’s very important to me.” Otis added that Trump would “continue to make women suffer.”

“So that’s what I’d tell him. ‘You need help. Please understand that,'” he said.

Trump’s star has been the target of vandals throughout his presidency, with suspects attacking the star with a sledgehammer, dousing it with Nazi symbols, topping it with a golden toilet, and overlaying it with stickers reading, “No! Drive out Pence/Trump fascist regime,” among other messages.