Jason Isaacs: People Who Don’t Wear Masks Should Be in Prison or ‘Hanging in the Streets’


The English actor, 57, made his claim on a morning television show while addressing the struggle to maintain a normal life in these abnormal times.

He spoke about recently returning to work on the set of Netflix series Sex Education, and how crucial but “weird” it was being with people wearing peronal protection items like masks. He said:

It’s quite hard to keep your spirits up, I’ve found it very hard. The only way is to help people.

I did go to a set the other day, on Sex Education. It was great and fun and really weird.

His interviewer Lorraine Kelly responded by observing how widespread the practice is of personal protection and obeying social distancing. “It’s going to be hard to go back to normal,” she offered to which he replied:

I am less annoyed by the people who don’t wear masks, who should be in the stocks or prison, but the people who don’t wear it over their nose.

Or the people who pull it down to have a chat and then pull it back up, they should be hanging in the streets!

Isaacs has joined Sex Education for season three as a special guest star, as Breitbart News reported.

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