Jennifer Anniston Promotes Video of Director Comparing Republicans to Nazis


The star of The Morning Show jumped to her social media to praise Cooke’s screed as a “must watch” video.

“This Republican goon squad worships the government,” Cooke says. “We beat you and your masters in the Civil War. We beat you on the beaches of Normandy. We beat you in Birmingham. And we’re going to beat you again.”


In his video posted in November of last year, Cooke claimed he was helping Republicans with an “explainer” for why they and their leaders are so “anti-science, anti-‘other’, anti-law and order, and turn everything upside down.”

Cooke claimed to be “teaching” Republicans about what “democracy” means and insisted that Republicans oppose the idea. He also claimed that the Constitution needs to be discarded and a new law put in its place. And we have an “undemocratic” institution “called the Senate,” created by the evil slave-holding founding fathers who also designed the Electoral College, the latter of which must also be eliminated.

Naturally, it is all because Republicans are all Nazis who “love a fabric flag more than the human flesh and blood that live and die under it because they’re idol worshippers.”

Watch below:

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An explainer for democrats and independents. Why they’re so anti-science, anti-“other”, anti-law and order and turn everything upside down. The mask is off. I suspect many adherents don’t understand what they’ve become. Sometimes things are hard to see. And don’t take this to mean I think the democratic establishment are democratic. Most are not. Poor representation is what allowed Trumpism to rise in the first place. Any institution that’s oppressive and not in service to the people ought to be held accountable to us to regulate, improve, change, dismantle, or rethink. Whether it’s Dupont, congress, the IRS, ICE, the criminal justice system, the federal reserve, Facebook, the health insurance industry or the presidency. That’s what democracy means. People rule. So it’s in our best interest to give us all the best education we can. And an equitable participation in our economy. Regardless of what family you’re born into. That’s what real patriotism looks like. A humans first approach.

In any case, it appears that Aniston — whose fortune is reportedly worth up to $300 million — thought Cooke’s attack on capitalism, the founders, the Constitution, and Republicans was worth promoting.

In other posts, the Friends star recently went on the attack against Kentucky’s Republican Daniel Cameron, demanding that he move to force the City of Louisville to fire the police officers involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting.

Jennifer Anniston

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