Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to see what reality is. Or perhaps it’s all in the Matrix. Joe Biden made a big splash in the media recently to announce that he would disavow the ongoing riots and violence occurring across the nation. Would Joe Biden come out of his basement and actually disavow the radical Left and all the national violence they have brought to America? Unfortunately, we have been disappointed.

Pittsburgh (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump in a recent speech from battleground state Pennsylvania of sowing chaos amid nationwide protests, pushing back on Republican assertions that Trump stands for “law and order.” “This president long ago forfeited any moral leadership in this country,” Biden said from a converted steel mill. “He can’t stop the violence – because for years he has fomented it.” Looters and rioters are not protesters and should be prosecuted, Biden added. The media have praised Biden’s speech profusely but viciously fact-checked and attacked VP Pence’s RNC speech last week which was essentially the same words, no seriously, read here.

Really Joe? You can check out his entire speech below: 

Perhaps you don’t want to wade through the entire speech, which was filled with mere platitudes and false accusations of Trump. We place below, with minute markers to show some of the more egregious comments made by Biden.

7:28 – Biden says he will lead not to incite, and further asserts that Trump is incapable of telling the truth. This statement is blatantly false. If you listen further into Biden’s speech, it’s hard to find any truth in what he says. How can one heal a country if the very basis of your arguments is false? This, by inference or even design, will only ensure more violence, not less – is not Biden fanning the flames of political violence?

7:50 – Biden makes the obvious reference to who is doing the violence. Biden talks of police violence, right-wing militias, and then talks of rioting, looting, and burning. No mention of who is actually doing the violence. It is the Leftist extremists who are actually doing the violence. Most right-wing violence, which has been minimal, has been in defense of the Leftist violence. So Biden has clearly NOT disavowed the groups perpetrating the violence.

9:45 – Biden states that Trump has failed to call upon his supporters to stop the violence of armed militias. Are their mass armed militias from the right rioting and burning down communities? Where are they? Instead, Trump has repeatedly said he stands ready, if the states allow, to go in and clean up the riots – not just words but actions. Biden made no mention of the Left, which are the primary perpetrators of the violence. See below where Trump admonishes his supporters to NOT engage in violence. Joe Biden has not done the same.

12:50 – Do I look like a radical socialist? Really? Yes, Joe, you do. Just one example, but look at what one of his supporters from academia has been saying recently – there are many more like this. Pacific University staff psychologist Dr. Shirley Ley said, Every white person in this country is racist.” Is this not inciteful to fan the flame of divisiveness? Will Biden disavow statements like this?

14:45 – Biden trotted out the lies of the Coronavirus “scamdemic” and attributed tens of thousands of Coronavirus deaths to Trump. But the truth is being exposed. See a recent CDC report that clearly states that a little more than 9,000 deaths, or only 6%, are purely related to COVID-19 – the rest of the deaths are related to the co-morbidity of individual patients. A fact Biden does not want you to know.

16:30 – Biden says riots and violence did not occur under the Obama Biden presidency. Did Biden forget about the Ferguson and Baltimore riots that occurred under his watch, no to speak of ongoing violence we see in Democrat-run cities? See Chicago’s recent violence report in what some people dub Chiraq – at least 54 people shot, ten killed in weekend gun violence in Chicago (August 31, 2020). Most of the violence in Chicago has been criminal activity, which is the responsibility of local authorities. Biden tries to dishonestly spin and pin this on Trump. All this started under the Obama Biden presidency, often called the Ferguson effect. Here is a good summary of all riots during Obama’s tenure.

27:40 – Biden says he will be treating everyone with dignity and respect … demonizing no one. Oh really? But let’s roll the video and see what Democrats and their ilk have been fomenting for the past months even years:

We could go into even more detail, but you get the picture – you could find more. Throughout Biden’s speech, he invokes the Jacob Blake and Georges Floyd incidences, which after further evidence, the stories are not how Joe Biden portrayed them. See here and here.

Do you remember when we saw with outrage when in the Middle East, many Islamic terrorist groups took to the streets and said, “Death to America?” See one example here. One would never think that our own citizens would do the same in our Republic. Let alone having a major political party (Democrats) supporting these groups. Well, you would be wrong. Take a look at a Leftist group in Oakland, CA, who recently marched through the streets calling for the “Death to America.” Will Joe disavow this group?

Watch Tucker Carlson’s opening addressing the degree of lying in Biden’s speech and the dangerous propagandizing, gaslighting, and projecting Democrats and media are perpetrating on all of us. Is Joe threatening voters to vote for him or the violence continues? Watch below:

It can also be seen on Facebook if they do not remove: CLICK HERE.

No, Joe Biden, your disavowing of the riots and violence in America is not accepted. It was pure political projection. Speeches like the recent one given by Biden will only fan further the flames of political violence. If Biden gets elected will the violence stop? No, it will increase – see here. Furthermore, Democratic cities must be encouraged by their national leaders to take action, not just words, and enable the police (not defund them) to stop the violence raging across the country.

 RWR original article syndication source.