John Legend to Hillary Clinton: If We Don’t Elect Joe Biden, Trump’s Damage May Be Irreversible


Legend forecasted a Biden administration as somehow elevating America’s global reputation by combating “climate change,” which he described as world’s “most pressing, most urgent issue.”

Listen below:
“Our democracy is on the ballot,” Legend stated. He added, “We have to act for us to maintain our democracy, and it is in peril right now. It is clearly in peril.”

“We’re the laughing stock of the world. I think climate change is the most pressing, most urgent issue that we face in this country and in the globe. And there is no way we make any progress on that if Donald Trump is reelected. And it’s guaranteed that if Joe Biden is reelected and we have a Democratic Senate, that we will pass some version of the Green New Deal,” Legend said to Clinton. “Joe has put his plan up on his site, which I think is robust and has been seen by a lot of activists as a really strong plan. That is critical. And if we don’t elect Joe Biden, I don’t know if we will ever be able to reverse the damage that Donald Trump is doing and has done. That’s enough reason for me.”

Trump “does not particularly care [about] black and brown people,” Legend claimed. Neither he nor Clinton used the terms “racism” or “racist” at any point in the interview.

Hillary Clinton promoted the interview via Instagram.

“We have a terrible leader. He has no capability of thinking long term about anything. He has no capability of thinking about anyone outside of himself. He is a liar,” Legend said. “He is a conspiracy theorist, and he particularly doesn’t care about certain people, and a lot of those people are the people who are being most affected by [COVID-19], black and brown people.”

John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen recently said they considered leaving America because of Trump’s presidency, and what Legend called the president’s “embarrassing” leadership style. Legend supported Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) presidential campaign during the Democrat primaries.