Jon Stewart spoke at a “Rolling to Remember” rally on Saturday organized by the veterans group AMVETS. The event was the culmination of a motorcycle demonstration ride to Washington to raise awareness of the issues facing veterans, including mental health and suicide.

“It’s hard not to be here today and not get frustrated again because as I look out in the crowd, I see the same thing I always see — veterans and their families and caregivers,” he began.

“But where are the American people? This is Memorial Day weekend.”

Watch below:

Stewart said social media will be filled with Memorial Day tributes but c general public still can’t be bothered to show up.

“And yet we come out here today, looking for the support of the American people, and what do we have behind me? It’s veterans organizations. It’s veterans. It’s their families. This country can’t be this broken.”

He added: “If we can’t do the simple shit, we have nothing.’

The former Daily Show host has been a regular supporter of veterans groups. Most recently, he has backed H.R. 3967, the “Honoring our PACT Act,” which would give disability and other healthcare benefits to veterans affected by exposure to harmful toxins, including open-air burn pits.

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