Thursday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) vowed not to give into attacks against him and allow a double standard applied to conservatives.

Hawley’s remarks come as a Simon & Schuster-associated publishing house is the publisher for Hunter Biden’s forthcoming book on the heels of canceling Hawley’s book.

SEN. JOSH HAWLEY (R-MO): Well, you know, Sean, this is just a classic, left-wing hypocrisy. What we are seeing here is woke capital. They have an agenda. They want to push their cronies. They want to push their ideological agenda, and they want to silence and punish conservatives.

And they tried to do it with me, although I’m not going to be silenced. But you and I both know they are trying to do it across the board, on social media. They’re trying to go after small business people who donated to Republicans. It’s unbelievable, and we just have to stand up and say no.

HANNITY: They’re going to be putting on this big loud show next week with a predetermined outcome. First, do you agree it’s predetermined?

HAWLEY: It is predetermined. Yeah, impeachment — I mean, listen, I can’t imagine that there’s any way that the Democrats get to the numbers that they need.

It is totally unconstitutional. It is a sham trial, and it’s a disgrace to have the Senate even going through with this.

HANNITY: Okay. Now, I’m glad you did get another publishing deal. I believe you got it with Regnery, and I’m glad to hear that. Marji Ross, I knew for a long time. She has since left the company but was there a long time.

So, what bothers me in all of this is they are choosing sides here. And that’s a problem for me. And if big tech, for example, they never censor. They never fact-check the Russia collusion we know to be lies and conspiracy theories, but they are silencing conservatives left and right.

And then big tech companies join forces to shut down a group like Parler and shut down the president of the United States and silence the — the story of “The New York Post” about Hunter Biden and the laptop. And there is now a full-on criminal investigation into him.

All I know, Senator, is there any criminal investigation into you right now going on? Are you a target of an investigation?

HAWLEY: Not that I know of, Sean, and this goes back to the double standard. I mean, the woke capitalists, the corporate media, they will push their ideological line. You mentioned the Russia hoax, pushed it for years. It turns out that there was no collusion. There were no crimes committed. It’s just absolutely unbelievable.

And now, with Hunter Biden, the guy who is under investigation for numerous potential crimes, including money laundering, potentially connected to his father. And yet, the woke media celebrates him with what they are trying to punish conservatives.

I’ll just go back to the fact this will only succeed if conservatives agreed to go along with it if we agree to be silenced, and I, for one, I’m not going to be silenced.

HANNITY: So, the person that is leading the case in the — from the House is a guy that actually challenged the 2016 election results. Doesn’t that seem a little — a little bit of irony there?

HAWLEY: Well, it’s pretty amazing, Sean, that these Democrats who objected to states after Republicans won the election in 2001, and 2005, and 2017, now they said that if Republicans do that if Republicans do the same thing, they raise specific objections. Oh, then, they’re seditious. Then, they’re traitors. Then, they are criminals.

It’s total hypocrisy. It’s a total power grab. They know it’s a power grab. That’s why they are doing it.

And, again, we’ve just got to stand up and expose that life for what it is.