Kaep LeBron

I am tired of the term “virtue signaling” (much like a lot of other recent words or notions in the modern lexicon), however, it aptly applies to the hypocrisy displayed in full force on the left. For that reason, I hereby call upon the virtuously superior human beings like Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Chris Evans, Don Lemon, Bernie Sanders and the spate of athletes, Hollywood types, media personalities, and leftist politicians who comprise a list too long to individually name who comfortably lecture us Normals (as Kurt Schlichter likes to say) about what is decent and moral and either pony up or shut up. Enough is enough.

Every day, these enlightened elites engage in phony outrage. It is phony because they never do anything more than Tweet or make a media appearance shaming regular Americans for just wanting to be left alone, after which they return to Bodyguardville in the Neighborhood-Behind-The-Walls. They tell us that Trump’s truly fantastic speech at the pantheon of American greatness in South Dakota was soaked in racist fervor and racially-divisive speech. Never mind that to earn such hatred, all he did was speak about the unique freedoms afforded by the singular genius of the Declaration of Independence and the wonderful advances that such freedom allowed for, which incidentally gave rise to a huge number of iconic and successful black American men and women. Individuals, by the way, who would have lived either enslaved by fellow African or Arab traders or just as likely lived in squalor in their African homeland had this progress not been achieved – chalk one up for the USA.

So instead of just words, let’s see some action. Put your money where your mouth is.

Colin Kaepernick reminded us how much he hates America this past Fourth of July. Ours is a land of dehumanization and oppression, he said. All of this is coming from a guy who praises communism generally and the Castro regime specifically. Please, someone, give him a history book on the totalitarian oppression and death toll wrought by Marxist ideology. He is worth an estimated $20 million.

LeBron James, who asserts that black people are hunted every day (he must have forgotten to say that most of the hunting was done by other blacks, like this 7-year-old girl in Chicago or this 8-year-old girl in Atlanta over the holiday weekend), took a quote out of context from the inimitable Frederick Douglass that the Fourth of July was “yours, not mine.” If James had bothered to read any of the speeches delivered by Douglass, he would have realized that this great man was telling America to live up to the promissory ideals of the Declaration. Based on James’ opportunities and net worth in the NBA, it seems safe to say we have. He has earned over $1 billion in his career.

Chris Evans is an especially pampered brat. Were it not for his universally-acknowledged pulchritude, and no one really knows how he would contribute to society. But he hates all of us and wants us to “rot in hell.” Seriously, check his Twitter feed. If you liked Trump’s transcendent speech, you deserve to burn for all eternity. Nice guy. And thanks to the Avengers series, he’s worth an estimated $80 million.

Don Lemon, oh, boy. I don’t know how anyone can watch Don Lemon and take his smarmy, better-than-you demeanor every night. If classism ever gets defined pictorially, look for his face in the dictionary. He not only thinks he’s better than you – he knows it. This chump literally sits on a primetime cable television slot, has a voice for millions of (ignorant and deluded) viewers, and decries the prevalence of institutional racism in the United States. What institution is cable news part of that didn’t get the memo? He even got a pass in the middle of the #MeToo movement, but no, we are a racist and oppressive country. He has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

I think an aneurysm will burst if we delve too deeply into the sheer hypocrisy of the Bernie Sanders situation, but let’s go for it. The net worth of this sham politician is in the millions, coming off lucrative book deals and cashing in on multiple failed presidential runs. While he crusades against millionaires and the land of capitalist greed, Sanders has quietly amassed a tidy real estate holding and a small fortune. Even he doesn’t believe in the system he champions. At one point when defending his increasing wealth, he replied that anyone concerned with his financial boom should just write their own bestseller. The absurdity!

America has given each of these ingrates an opportunity to achieve greater fame and fortune than anyone throughout time or geography. Each of them lives in a way that the other 99.9% of us can barely manage to dream about. And yet, they have decided that their good fortune somehow means they are worthy of pontificating to us.

It is time for a reckoning, though. How much longer can we let these vapid air horns tell us what to do? You know what? If you hate America and capitalism that much, give it up and give it back. After all, the only reason you have any net worth at all is because the free market economy that evolved in the freest country in the world allowed for it. You hate America and capitalism, so surely you must hate what you reaped off it.

Unless all of these fools open their homes to the homeless, immigrants, or less financially fortunate than them, and also donate any holdings in their bank accounts to a charity of their choice, then I don’t believe it anymore. They are all greedy, opportunistic hypocrites who get off feeling better than you and telling you all about it.

How does that sound, Kaepernick? If the police are pigs, then why don’t you use your fortune to employ social workers, mental health workers, and other community helpers in cities that most need it?

How about it, LeBron? If blacks are being hunted every day, why don’t you use your hundreds of millions of dollars to build more schools or homes for those who need it? Don’t you guys say poverty leads to crime? Surely you can help alleviate poverty in the poorest black communities.

You there, Don? Do you think black people deserve reparations? Let’s start with you. Most whites will never get to seven figures, let alone eight. Why don’t you divide up your assets equally among the people of your hometown to atone for your capitalist inclinations?

Is everyone game for transforming their lives and the lives of people around them? Isn’t that what Obama and Biden want – transformation? No doubt, we all look forward to a more egalitarian society where the billions of dollars held by leftist athletes, actors, celebrities, media personalities, and politicians make their way to the less fortunate. They vote for higher taxes and say we should rail against the free market. Ok then.

Open your wallets or shut your mouths – Period.

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