Asked what her message would be to voters in the Peach State who feel “disenfranchised” on whether their votes will count and her thoughts on members of Republican leadership not “doing enough to fight the 2020 election results,” Noem launched into a discussion on feelings amongst voters ahead of the runoff elections.

“I’ve never made a good decision when I made it out of emotion or anger and that they need to get over themselves. They need to realize that there are real consequences to this election and that they need to show up and vote for the people that have consistently defended their rights and freedoms and that’s David [Perdue] and Kelly [Loeffler],” Noem said.

“We need them in Washington, DC, to continue to protect our way of life,” Noem continued. “We live in a country that has gotten addicted to being offended and we love to be offended by what people say.”

Noem then stressed the importance of having “the facts.”

“What we really need to care about is that we have the facts and that we go forward and recognize that there’s consequences to leadership and that we put people in leadership positions what they do will impact our families for a very long time,” Noem said.

“Show up and vote and make sure you’re doing it based on the facts on the difference of these candidates on Tuesday,” Noem concluded.