The Freedom Georgia Initiative

Reports came out of Breitbart earlier this week that two enterprising young black women found the answer to America’s alleged failures with regard to and slaughter of the black diaspora. Previously, returning everyone on a boat to Liberia didn’t work out. In that abject failure, all of the repatriated American blacks treated the native black population of Liberia with an unmasked air of superiority and brand of oppressive colonialism. A poorly envisioned agenda is likewise taking shape.

According to the Breitbart article, the community of Freedom, Georgia is emerging as a response to the endemic and systemic racism that apparently pervades American society today. Give the Fascistic Trump government a doffing of the cap for affording hunted-down black people an opportunity to make it on their own. Remember when the Third Reich allowed Jews to settle in peaceful communes in the outskirts of Stuttgart? I don’t either.

On one hand, this burgeoning community should be celebrated because voices of reason have long suggested that any real solutions for the blacks can only be addressed by those within the black community itself. No amount of government handouts, large-scale programs, white guilt, or soft bigotry of low expectations with regard to criminality or educational woes is going to turn things around. Change comes from within. In this sense, we should all be supportive of an effort that begins from good intentions.

That being said, this entire enterprise is asinine. Likening an incipient development to Wakanda is not a strong start. Still no word on whether or not Vibranium has been discovered in the boonies of Georgia.

Where does one even begin to unpack the absurdities and blatant hypocrisies?

For one, are the two black women founding the whole venture bringing with them a bevy of contradictions? A) They’re women. Aren’t women oppressed? Who let them think for themselves? Where is the man to control the whole operation? B) They’re independently successful. Aren’t blacks denied opportunities? How did one become a successful lawyer and the other an entrepreneur and investor in traditional American society? C) They bought 100 acres of rural land. Don’t banks deny blacks loans? Do you think they were only able to buy 77% of the land black men would have?

Second, is this patently racist? Despite Civil Rights marches to end racial segregation in the not-so-distant past, we have nevertheless witnessed a return of blacks-only graduation ceremonies and dorms on college campuses. Consider this the natural extension. Why stop at dorm rooms – let’s just dedicate an entire 100-acre tract of land to blacks! Can you imagine if a handful of white families, fed up with the constant rioting, burning, looting, and self-righteous anger, decided to buy up land and declare it a white haven from these deplorables? Oh. My. God.

For that matter, is the land they are buying stolen? Perhaps they should check with local tribes affiliated with the area. A quick search in the Library of Congress reveals that this central area within Georgia was home to a thriving population of Creek and Cherokee Indians once upon a time. If Georgia was colonized and taken by whites, by logical extension then this black group is, at the very least, perpetuating the theft by purchasing state acreage and continuing the oppressive practice of living on Native ancestral homelands. Let the folks contained within the BIPOC acronym figure that out.

Third, and I am not a trained lawyer, but isn’t the idea behind this ILLEGAL? According to Georgia law under the Georgia Fair Housing Act, the state “prohibits discrimination in housing and housing-related activities because of disability, race, sex, color, national origin, religion, or familial status.” A few items it specifies under the law include: “Offering different terms, conditions, or privileges for certain people” and “‘Steering’ of clients by real estate agents to or from certain neighborhoods and of tenants by landlords to or from certain areas of the complex.” Denying any non-black access would seem to fall under the purview. Again, to determine legitimacy, just ask yourself if the races were reversed how well this would be received.

Now, if the community itself is geared towards blacks but welcomes all others, then so be it. However, if a white person attempted to rent or own a housing development, or even engage in the fishing, hunting, shooting range (guns are okay then?), ATV trails, and whatever other amenities crop up, and was denied access, that could and should be a problem. Based on how the place is described on the Freedom Georgia Initiative website, there is zero mention of being open to anyone other than blacks.

Fourthly, haven’t we already tried all-black communities? Based on crime statistics, places like Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore are not faring well. What gives the founders hope things will be different?

According to the pioneering women, all they have to do is build their own police department to address potential legal or criminal issues that may arise. This is a fascinating turn of events. While this same crowd deplores the existence of police throughout the nation, suddenly the idyllic town of Freedom deserves to fund a peacekeeping force. Can someone please ask them why they even feel the need to have a police force? Are they admitting there will be crime? It will presumably be black-on-black. Why aren’t they funding more social workers? The million-dollar question becomes if a black person is shot and killed by the police, will that be evidence of systemic police brutality? What system would they blame?

The attempted racial segregation (they call it separation – ok) raises the biggest question of all: When this all-black community fails, and it will, who is left to blame? White people? What white people? Slavery? What slavery? Its inevitable collapse should finally settle the argument that a successful black community in the United States doesn’t actually hinge on the presence or absence of whiteness and the ancillary boogeyman of predatory capitalism.

Truth be told, I actually hope Wakanda does succeed. I wish the best for everyone. If that means returning to segregation, well, I just hope they remember it wasn’t white peoples’ idea this time.

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