***Live Updates*** Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings


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9:25 AM: Grassley says we are fortunate that Barrett’s record reflects that she believes judges are not policymakers after quoting Scalia on the the importance of the separation of powers. Grassley says Barrett is also known as “generous mentor” and her “humility” and “graciousness” while talking up her ability to “build consensus.”

9:25 AM: Feinstein says the Senate should not be moving forward with this nomination until the next president is elected, saying Republicans should listen to what McConnell said about Merrick Garland after Scalia’s death.

9:15 AM: Feinstein says she wants this to be a “very good hearing” after tweeting that she plans to do everything to stop the process. In her opening remarks, Feinstein says Ginsburg was a “standard bearer for justice” and says Ginsburg’s confirmation hearing was her first as senator. She says the “stakes are extraordinarily” high and immediately says that healthcare coverage is at stake for millions of Americans.

She says Democrats will talk about the consequences if Republicans rush through Barrett’s nomination. Feinstein says Trump wants justices who overturn Obamacare and Barrett has been critical of Chief Justice Roberts’ decision to uphold Obamacare.

She says those with pre-existing conditions like COVID-19 could be denied coverage if Barrett becomes a Supreme Court justice.

(Feinstein also not wearing a mask during her opening remarks.)

9:12 AM: Graham says this is “probably not about persuading each other” and adds that all Republicans will vote “yes” and all Democrats” on the committee will vote “no.”

9:10 AM: Graham says this is an election year and says Democrats will say “this has never been done.” Graham says Ginsburg said a president serves four years and not three and there is nothing unconstitutional about this process and the Senate is doing its duty.

9:05 AM: In his opening remarks, Graham says the late Justice Ginsburg was confirmed 96-3 even though she was known as an “icon” in progressive circles. He mentions that the late Justice Scalia got 97 votes. Graham says he doesn’t know what happened between then and now but there was a time when someone like Ginsburg was seen by almost everyone as qualified for the Supreme Court.

Graham says Barrett is in a “category of excellence” and something the country should be proud of.

9:02 AM: Graham gavels in the hearing, and he says he doubts there is any room in the country that has been given more attention to be CDC compliant. Graham says the Senate has to do everything to “mitigate” the COVID problem.

8:50 AM: Barrett arrives for hearings:

8:45 AM: Feinstein vowing to do everything she can to “delay or stop this process.”