***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Florida Rally


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7:25 PM: Trump says this election is also about “law and order.” He says these “Democrat-run states are a disaster.” “Look at Portland,” Trump says. “How bad is that?”

Trump gives Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D) for authorizing the National Guard and doing a good job this week.

7:23 PM: Trump says they will give Biden a “big shot or something” and be “superman for about 15 minutes” and “do fine” at the debates because he has been debating for 47 years.

7:20 PM: Trump warns Biden is in favor of “crippling” shut downs. Trump thinks next year will be the best economy ever. He mocks the Biden campaign’s lid while he is working his ass off going all over the place. Crowd chants “four more years.”

“He puts a lid on,” Trump says. “So early in the morning, he’s put a lid on. So there’s nothing for today.”

Trump says the press go home and say “he’s a great candidate.”

Trump says he will feel badly if Biden wins by not campaigning. Trump says “we can’t have a low-energy individual as our president. We can’t. And he’s the lowest-energy individual I’ve ever seen.”

7:19 PM: Trump says Kamala Harris is further left than Bernie and mocks her performance in the primaries.

7:18 PM: Trump talks about polling that shows him doing great with Hispanics. “We think we are winning by, like, a lot,” Trump says before saying the only poll that counts is on November 3.

Trump talks about how much he loves the Hispanic-American community and says this election is about America not becoming a “socialist or communist country.”

7:15 PM: Loud “USA” chants as Trump says he is glad to be back in his home state of Florida. Trump says this is the most important election because we are dealing with “crazies.”

6:59 PM: Crowd goes wild as Air Force One lands.

6:45 PM: Trump expected to arrive at the top of the hour.