***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Michigan Rally


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7:27 PM: Trump now getting ready to commentate on Biden’s CNN interview as the Pundit-in-Chief. Trump says Biden conceded in the interview that the USMCA is better than NAFTA. Trump says Biden made a “mistake” from his standpoint because “he doesn’t know what’s going on.”

7:26 PM: Trump says the left wants to get rid of him so they can come after his supporters.

7:24 PM: Trump says Biden also wants to eliminate borders and “flood your state with refugees” from “terrorists hot spots” from around the world like Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. Trump says Biden and Bernie want a 700 percent increase. He says Biden has also pledged to terminate national security travel bans and will overwhelm the state with Jihadi refugees and others during a pandemic. Crowd chants: “Build the wall!”

7:23 PM: Trump says he is running to keep jobs in Michigan. He says before the China plague, we had the greatest economy in the history of the world. “And now we’re building it again,” Trump says, again referring to the “super V” recovery. Trump says the future doesn’t belong to China and, “if we win, America wins.”

7:21 PM: Trump claims he has seen polls that show him up in Michigan. He then praises GOP Senate candidate John James after spotting him in the crowd.

7:20 PM: Trump, sensing the crowd’s enthusiasm, says this is not the crowd of someone who comes in second place. He says he felt the same energy in 2016 when 30,000 people showed up to his rallies in Michigan.

7:17 PM: Crowd greets Trump with “USA!” chants. Trump tells the crowd: “We’ve brought you a lot of car plants.” Trump promises a lot more. Trump tells the crowd that this is the most important election in the history of the country. He reminds the crowd that Biden has devoted his career to outsourcing Michigan’s jobs. Crowd boos loudly. He says Biden has been a globalist sellout for half a century. He says Biden has surrendered the country’s jobs to China and he wants to surrender the country to the mob. Trump says if Biden wins, China, rioters, arsonists, and the flag-burners win. Trump says he wouldn’t worry about it because he’s not going to win.

7:15 PM: Crowd fired up for Trump.

7:05 PM: Air Force One has landed, and the rally will start shortly.

6:45 PM: Another packed crowd awaits Trump. Air Force One expected to land soon at MBS International Airport.

CNN’s Take:

Trump has ground to make up in the state just like in 2016: