***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Minnesota Rally


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9:23 PM: Trump says his opponents want to “erase” the country’s core values while he wants to preserve them.

Trump continuing to hammer “Sleepy Joe” for not saying “law enforcement.”

Trump says Chris Wallace protected Biden when Trump asked him to name one law enforcement group that has supported the former vice president. Trump lists all of his endorsements from coast to coast.

Trump says Biden thinks Antifa is an idea. He says ideas don’t assault cops and burn down buildings. Trump says Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization.

9:22 PM: Trump says his opponents want to “erase borders” and he will “defend borders.” Trump wonders why the media are not talking about the wall anymore after he got financing.

9:21 PM: Trump says he is running not just against Joe Biden but also agains the far-left socialist media and the communists in the Democratic Party. Trump makes these remarks after saying how disappointed he is in Fox News.

9:20 PM: Trump says the networks won’t let Biden cancel the debates because of the ratings. Trump wonders what the television networks are going to do when he’s not around…

Trump says Biden has to deal with the toughest people in the world if he gets elected and the liberal media are upset that he “took the fight” to Biden and “exposed” his “dangerous agenda.”

Rally briefly interrupted by a protester. Trump tells the protesters to “go home to mommy.”

Trump says the media think rioting is okay and people can “do whatever you want.”

9:18 PM: Trump says, in the history of cable television, he got the highest ratings and second in the history of all of television. Trump said he held Biden accountable for 47 years of lies and betrayal and did the job the fake news media have not done. Trump says “the whole nation saw the truth.” Trump says he asked Sleepy Joe to name one law enforcement organization that has endorsed him before Chris Wallace jumped in… Trump says he was debating two people last night.

9:17 PM: Trump says he is going to win Minnesota 34 days from now and win “four more beautiful years in the White House” and done more than anyone has ever done. Trump says he “really enjoyed” last night’s debate with “Sleepy Joe.”

9:15 PM: Trump gets out of the Air Force One, and the rally is about to begin.

9:01 PM: Air Force One has landed.

8:55 PM: Energetic crowd waiting for Trump:

8:45 PM: Trump expected to arrive and take the stage at the top of the hour. He’ll probably have plenty of new material after last night’s debate.