***Live Updates*** Trump Returns to Campaign Trail in Sanford, Florida.


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7:23 PM: Trump says the left-wing mob is on the run and we will never surrender to them. Trump says he has directed the FBI to investigate the destruction of the Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt statues in Oregon. He says if Biden wins, there will be bedlam all over the place.

Trump says Biden may be the worst presidential candidate in history and “I got him.” Trump says there is more pressure on him to win because Biden is such a horrible candidate.

7:22 PM: Trump says he was honored to be endorsed by Puerto Rico’s governor, and he says he is the best thing that has happened to Puerto Rico.

7:20 PM: Trump claims vaccines will be delivered by the military and are “all set to go.” He says Democrats don’t want the vaccine until after the election. He accuses Biden of destroying Puerto Rico’s pharmaceutical industry and sending Puerto Rico into a “nosedive.”

7:18 PM: Trump again hammers Biden for calling him “xenophobic” for the China travel ban.

7:14 PM: Trump says prosperity will surge and Florida’s tourism and hospitality industries will reach historic new highs, highs like they have never reached before. He says Biden will prolong the pandemic and annihilate Florida’s economy with lockdowns.

Trump now says he’s in great shape. He says he feels so good he wants to go in the audience and kiss everyone-men, women, children. He claims he is may be immune-maybe for life or maybe for four months.

7:08 PM: Trump says Biden and the socialists will kill jobs, dismantle borders, release criminal aliens, confiscate guns, destroy suburbs, and drive God from the public square.

Trump says Democrats took the word God out twice during the DNC. He says Biden refuses to answer questions on the packing of the Supreme Court. Trump urges his supporters to get out in vote so Democrats can’t change the country by packing the court with far-left radicals.

Trump says if he got elected because of the Supreme Court, it is more true now than it was four years ago because Democrats are threatening to “destroy the Supreme Court.”

Trump says Barrett’s nomination is “driving them crazy” before saying Barrett will be a fantastic Supreme Court justice. Trump says Barrett is a “brilliant scholar” who will defend our laws, rights, Constitution like very few people have would have the capability of doing. He says the radical left is “enraged” and “unhinged” and determined to destroy everything we cherish. He says we are not letting them “cancel culture us all.” He says the the radical left want to punish the middle class and turn America into communist Cuba or socialist Venezuela and ruin the lives of Hispanic Americans and all Americans. He also thanks Hispanic Americans in Florida for their support. He also says Biden was also a “big lover of Castro.”

7:05 PM: Trump says this is the most important election in the history of the country. He says he has to win because “these people are crazy.” Trump says if Biden wins, the radical left will run the country. He says they are “addicted to power” and “God help us if they ever got it.” He says “you don’t make comebacks” from where they will take the country.

Trump says if he doesn’t always play by the rules of the Washington establishment, it’s because he was elected to fight for voters. Trump says he is doing more for America than any administration has ever done despite the witch hunts. He says Democrats were spying on his campaign and trying take down a legally sworn-in administration. He says they have tried to get him out of office for four years and he’ll “take care of it” after the election.

7:02 PM: Trump says Biden is “owned” by the radical globalists who shipped away jobs and sacrificed American blood and treasure with endless wars. He says the corrupt political class is desperate to regain power by any means necessary.

“We are the ones standing in their way,” Trump says.

Trump also claims there is more enthusiasm and he is winning by a lot more than they were in 2016.

7:00 PM: Trump keeps talking about “another stock market record” before saying Biden had a “very bad day” today because he “forgot Mitt Romney’s name” and “didn’t know what state he was in” and he said that he is a “proud Democrat running for the U.S. Senate.”

6:56 PM: Trump about to kick off the rally. Trump says “it’s great to be back.” He says “Sleepy Joe” had a rally today and “nobody showed up.” Trump says it’s great to be back in his “home state” and says he is so “energized” by the support and prayers he has received. Trump talks about making “tremendous progress” with therapeutics. Trump claims he will get “whatever the hell” they gave him and distribute it to hospitals.

6:45 PM: Establishment media outlets decline to assign reporters to Air Force One.

Left ripping the rally as a Trump “superspreader” event:

6:40 PM: Air Force One is about to land.