Saturday, during FNC’s “Justice,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) outlined the hurdles for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to win the upcoming Speaker of the House election.

McCarthy told host Jeanine Pirro that given the numbers and votes of past House members at the beginning of the last Congress, there were concerns for Pelosi.

“They only have a five-seat majority,” he explained. “But there are 10 Democrats who did not vote for Nancy Pelosi last time. If those 10 vote against Nancy Pelosi on our side of the aisle, we could have more votes for Speaker. But there’s something even more about this that you have to watch. Nancy Pelosi is so scared about this. She is actually calling a member back that hasn’t — that’s only voted by proxy for the last four months that just announced they had COVID in the last week. Why would that person be coming back? Because she’s so scared about this vote. But there’s another thing that happens after you vote for Speaker. It’s the rules of the house, and this is where the American public has to look at what they’re doing.”

“They are trying to take the power away from any minorities,” McCarthy continued. “For the last more than a hundred years in Congress, the minority was always allowed one amendment on the bill. They are now denying us to have that voice: the voice of the constituents. But what’s even more telling here. They’re trying to limit our First Amendment rights. They have ethics complaints based upon what we put on social media and what we say. We no longer have the First Amendment by members of Congress. But what’s even worse, you no longer can say father, mother, son, daughter. They are, in essence, eliminating Mother’s Day. They are more concerned about pronouns than they are of helping people. This is literally in the rules for Congress going forward.”