Miley Cyrus Pushes Young People to Vote for ‘Someone Fit’ for Presidency


“Listen I’m 27 and I know I’ve never experienced an election this important in my life and hopefully not again in my lifetime,” said Miley Cyrus in a recent interview with Nova 96.9?s Fitzy & Wippa. “I can’t express the importance enough, especially if young people getting out there and being active and making sure that their friends, their family are voting and have the information about whether it’s mailing in, about the state of our country right now.”

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The singer, a staunch and loud Democratic Party supporter, added that it was time someone “fit for the job” assumed the office.

“It’s just crucial that we get out there and make changes and we have someone fit for the job of running our country,” she continued. “I think young people are really stepping up to the plate, really taking charge and getting mobilized working and advocating tirelessly… I think that you know it’s kind of rock bottom here right now.”

Cyrus is well known for her ultra-progressive views, particularly on abortion, gender, and sexuality. Having pledged to leave the country should Donald Trump win, Cyrus went all in for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, describing her as a “total Goddess.”

Following Trump’s victory, she drew widespread mockery after his election when she posted a teary video of herself congratulating Trump but admitting her profound sadness that Clinton would not be the country’s first female president. She also never followed through on her pledge to leave the country upon Trump’s victory.

“I still think that, in Hillary’s lifetime, she deserves to be the first female president, and that’s what makes me so sad,” Cyrus bemoaned at the time. “I wish she had an opportunity because she fought for so long and because I believe her when she says that she loves this country. This is all she’s ever done; she’s given her life to make it better.”

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