NBC’s Todd: Trump’s ‘Un-American’ Election Delay Suggestion Exposes His ‘Desperation’


Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd said President Donald Trump’s tweet that suggested to delay the November election was “the most un-American and un-democratic of suggestions, which he said exposed his “desperation.”

Todd said, “Good Sunday morning. So much for that new tone. This past week President Trump retweeted a video of a doctor who said masks were unnecessary, hydroxychloroquine is a cure for Covid-19, and that diseases are caused by dreams of sex with demons. Meanwhile, the number of deaths from Covid-19 passed 150,000. Nine states set one-day records for C cases, while 11 set single-day records for deaths. Among those deaths was former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. Cain was diagnosed shortly after attending the president’s rally in Tulsa.”

He continued, “We learned that economic output fell in the last quarter by the largest amount since records have been kept, at an annualized rate of 32.9 percent. And that was even before extra unemployment benefits for tens of millions of Americans ran out on Friday. And finally, President Trump made the most un-American and un-democratic of suggestions: proposing to delay the election, insisting again, without evidence, that mail-in voting will result in a fraudulent outcome. And remember, that of this was just this past week. Mr. Trump’s delay-the-election gambit had the scent of a president who was seeking a distraction from the terrible economic news, a president whose desperation makes him even more unpredictable. In short, a president who expects to lose. Ultimately, Mr. Trump increasingly looks like a man who believes that the more the virus spins out of control, the more his presidency does, too.”

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