Nevada Judge Tosses Trump Campaign’s Challenge to Vote Results


The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported:

A District Court judge in Carson City on Friday ruled against an attempt by President Donald Trump’s campaign to overturn Nevada’s presidential election results, saying there was insufficient evidence to support fraud accusations.

Judge James Russell issued his order after hearing several hours of argument from attorneys representing both Trump and President-elect Joe Biden’s campaigns on Thursday.

Trump’s campaign echoed the president’s own calls of voter fraud and alleged that Clark County election staff failed to address 40,000 cases of double voting and thousands more illegal votes from the deceased or voters who do not live in Nevada.

Democrats argued the challenge did not identify a single voter who allegedly committed fraud, nor did it provide any other evidence to warrant overturning the will of the majority of Nevada’s 1.4 million voters.

On Thursday, Breitbart News reported, the judge heard arguments from both sides, including Democrats’ argument that dead voters’ mail-in ballots should count if the voters cast them before passing away.

The legal team representing Trump’s electors presented evidence of improper voting, but the Democrats argued that they had to show more specific evidence linking particular voters to particular actions.

The Trump team countered that if that were the standard, voter fraud could never be alleged or proven during an election.

The legal fight will likely continue,.